By the look of it, FastPokeMap is down at the moment due to new safety measures from Niantic. The devs are hard at work to bring it back up, but as they wrote it’s not looking too bright. No details on the nature of the new safety measures has been shared.

The author wrote on Twitter:

“I’m so bummed, this will be tough to bypass. I sure hope niantic has a real tracker planned because otherwise i ask you to boycott. Would you be willing to solve captcha for each scan?”

Quite saddening indeed.

FastPokeMap is not working

FastPokeMap has been the most robust scanning web app for a while already, but with the recent changes it looks like it may go under also.

In other news, the FastPokeMap recently has closed down their API access for all third party apps, except for selected ones. This means that a lot of trackers that depend on FPM for data will also stop working.

We’re not sure yet what this means for the future of FPM, but stay tuned for updates as FPM is the most widely used Pokemon GO Map out there – it would really sadden us greatly to see it go under! We’re hoping that the dev team can once more overcome the new security measures and keep the scans going. If you have any words of comfort to say to the dev team, you can do it on their official Twitter.

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