John Hanke confirms Gen IV, PVP, PokéStop submissions and level cap increase are coming

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Trainers, today we have an incredible piece of news to report. John Hanke, Niantic’s CEO, has shared a flight with Doctor PoGo, a four times Level 40 trainer associated with the Level 40 Verified FB group, but that’s not the only thing Hanke shared! During their flight, Hanke shared a lot about the future of Pokémon GO.

PLEASE: Manage your hype responsibly, and stay tuned for more information that will be shared through out this week.

Hanke talked about some features that are currently in the works, but shared no time table:

  • Generation 4 and a new PvP system are being worked on, with no release schedule to share or any specific details.
  • There’s “something” being done about Maps to make it more raid friendly, no specific details shared there
  • Level Cap WILL be increased, to which level is also unknown as of the time of this publication

But that’s not the end of it, as in their conversation, Hanke confirmed the following:

Info verification

We’d ask Doctor PoGO to verify himself, but that’s really not necessary given that he posted the following on his Twitter channel yesterday:

A huge shoutout goes out to Reversal for sharing this info with the world. Reversal is a prominent Level 40 player and one of the most vocal voices of the Pokémon GO’s Youtube community:

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