Larvitar Community Day
Larvitar Community Day

Trainers, hold on to your seats — the hype train for the next Community Day starts right now: Larvitar has been confirmed as the next Community Day Pokémon! Yes, you heard that right, the elusive Rock and Ground Pokémon that evolves into Tyranitar, one of the best Pokémon to be introduced in all Pokémon generations, is going to be spawning like crazy during June Community Day!

We are beyond excited, and you should be too, as Larvitar is boosted by Partly Cloudy and Sunny weather, which is more than likely to be during June in the northern hemisphere!

Full details of the event:

Featured Pokémon Larvitar
Time June 16 (Saturday) 2018
Bonus 3x XP for every caught Pokémon
Features special sale Yes
Exclusive move An unknown move, speculated to be Smack Down

No details have been shared on which move a Community-Day-evolved Tyranitar will have, but soon after the English announcement was released, the wording was changed from the classic, “Put those charged TMs away,” to just “Put those TMs away”. Our money is on Smack Down, as it seems like Chinese translators forgot to erase that part out of their announcement, but time will tell. We’ve attached the English version below and you can find the Chinese version on this link here.

English version

We strongly recommend you stock up on Pokéballs, Pinap Berries, Incense and Lucky Eggs— Larvitar is one of the best catches in Pokémon GO, Tyranitar is a god among non-Legendary Pokémon and one of the strongest Pokémon to ever grace the AR world around us.

And in case you are wondering how a shiny variant looks like, here we go. Were 100% sure that a shiny Larvitar will be available during the event, as their shiny sprites have been in the game for a while now:


The Hub is also preparing a very special announcement for June’s Community Day, so stay tuned for that also 🕵

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