Last Resort Stats Have Been Added in the Game Master… and they’re meh!

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Trainers, the Game Master has finally updated to reflect the stats of Eevee’s exclusive move: Last Resort!

In short: its alright. It’s not going to change the meta, and it won’t live up to the hype where, as some theorized on Gamepress and Reddit, if it was close in stats to Hydro Cannon it could make some eeveelutions extremely useful as neutral attackers/generalists.

It will still have its usefulness as a rare move worthy of trading, and anything associated with them shiny eeveelutions is fantastic, but in terms of the gym and raid meta, don’t count on any changes.

For those curious, we got the stats right here:

item_templates {
  template_id: "V0300_MOVE_LAST_RESORT"
  move_settings {
    movement_id: 300
    animation_id: 5
    pokemon_type: POKEMON_TYPE_NORMAL
    power: 90
    accuracy_chance: 1
    critical_chance: 0.05
    stamina_loss_scalar: 0.065
    trainer_level_min: 1
    trainer_level_max: 100
    vfx_name: "last_resort"
    duration_ms: 2900
    damage_window_start_ms: 2700
    damage_window_end_ms: 2850
    energy_delta: -50

Barring any last minute changes by Niantic, these are the stats that are in the game, and with the leaks of the shinies in the network traffic, as well as all the Last Resort sounds and graphics in the assets, we are all set for Community Day Weekend!

While the move may not be the highlight, you can check our guide on the matter that goes through things such as: detailing all the known details, giving useful hints and a 100% IV text string, and going through the ludicrous number of Eevees you need to guarantee a shiny for all eeveelutions, assuming they do not allow the Eevee name trick. Plz Niantic just let us use the name trick. 

Happy hunting trainers, and enjoy this special Community Day weekend, even if the special move is mediocre!

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