Leak Roundup: Deoxys EX Raid and Beldum Community Day


Yes Trainers, this ain’t no news roundup, the only official confirmation we got here on any of this is a push notification on iOS users, unaccompanied by any of Niantic’s official sources making a full detailed post. Although this will be updated once that does happen mind you, at the time of writing there are no tweets and no update on pokemongolive. So let’s dive in, we got to get the hype train a rolling!

Deoxys EX Raid Boss

Update: the notification is now appearing on Android as well as iOS!

Deoxys coming as EX raid boss to Pokemon GO, Android notification

Yes, you read that right. Reddit had been blowing up around 6 PM PDT with reports of iOS users receiving a push notification alerting them with, “Are you ready? The Psychic-type Mythical Pokémon Deoxys is coming to EX Raid Battles!” This was then followed with photo evidence from the likes of u/Angel_on_my_Shoulder here and u/UnknownHalo here. Finally, you had a video crop up on twitter here.

As for how good this news it, it is a mixed bag. It will finally be a change of pace from the usual Mewtwo raids, and make EX Raids fresh again. Additionally, it is interesting to see Niantic take on allowing Deoxys into the raid system, considering that they do have it labeled in the announcement and in the GM as a mythical Pokémon, as well as it having multiple forms.

On the flip side, it as a Pokémon is… lackluster. Currently in-game, as of a Game Master check at the time of writing, Deoxys has no stats, standing at a whopping 1/1/1, and is assigned bad moves: Zen Headbutt and Counter for fast moves, and Swift, Zap Cannon, and Psycho Boost for charged moves. For context, it being a Psychic type would mean that its best moveset is Zen Headbutt and Psycho Boost. Psycho Boost is indeed its signature move, meaning there is hope Niantic buffs it upon release, but it is the worst Psychic move in the game currently: 70 damage in two bars, with a 4 second cast time. Your Wobbufett with Mirror Coat is equipped with a better charged move.

There is of course no indication on how Niantic is going to work things with Deoxys, it does have 4 forms, which again does not help as the forms are all odd in their own right. Some being defensive tanks in a meta where legendaries cant defend, or a glass cannon that can shatter with a few hits. We will follow up with a update on stats and a guide on all this however, never fret reader.

Edit: In reality, few sites has definitively concluded all of Deoxys’ stats for all its form, as you can see in even our own Database it is just the 1/1/1 that is currently in the Game Master. However, as we all know, that is not what the final stat composition will be, and as stated we can find that out by using existing formulas. Barring any shenanigans by Niantic, and running the numbers as promised and verifying with some others that calculated them, we stand at these stats for each form:

Deoxys Stats
Attack Defense Stamina Max CP
Deoxys-Attack 414 46 100 2244
Deoxys-Normal 345 115 100 2749
Deoxys-Defense 144 330 100 1978
Deoxys-Speed 230 218 100 2505

Again, a full guide will be following this, however it should be said that even a rudimentary comparison to other popular psychic types can show that none of these forms really come up strong, especially with the abysmal 100 stamina shared by all formes. 

Pokémon Stats Max CP
Mewtwo Psychic 300 182 193 3982
Espeon Psychic 261 194 130 3000
Alakazam Psychic 271 194 110 2887
Gardevoir PsychicFairy 237 220 136 2964
Metagross Psychic Steel 257 247 160 3637
Deoxys-Attack 414 46 100 2244
Deoxys-Defense 144 330 100 1978
Deoxys-Speed 230 218 100 2505
Deoxys-Normal 345 115 100 2749


Beldum Community Day

Yes, thanks to some detective work from a user on the Silph Road, u/immewnity, using a back end method similar to what discovered the Bulbasaur Community Day early, there have been assets found for what appears to be a placeholder image with Beldum on it:

We say placeholder as the likes of other Community day Pokémon have had different backgrounds to accompany their typing, although this seems to be using a default background that we have seen for other Community Days.

Essentially, this will not be the final image, but it is a placeholder found on Niantic’s Google Cloud storage for their site. It houses all their assets, even including things for their other games like Ingress and items like the company they acquired: Evertoon.  For those curious enough or wanting to see the code for themselves, here is the inspected source and the actual links it was found on. So for those hoping for a Gastly Community Day for October, you might be disappointed. However for those that were hoping those Meteor Mash assets we found would come to fruition, you are in luck, as it appears at some point we are destined for a Beldum Community Day!

Edit: It appears at though the site has changed, as there are no longer references to beldum, at least in the name of the image being . . ./communityday/slaksjflah2onvas.jpg in the source, and the above links no longer work for the image… Rather curious that once it gets pointed out it disappears… rather sneaky…

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