We have a small bit of news for you Trainers out there! The biggest piece of news lately is that the regular network traffic analyst Chrales has found that Spinda is in server side, with the 8 forms that we originally found in the APK. This does not mean that it is in the game yet and we have no indication when it will come out, but it does mean that one of the biggest hurdles to it being introduced has been overcome. For those that enjoy the stream pictures from Chrales, we happen to have them right here for your visual enjoyment:

Event Pikachu is Gone

It had been a nice month seeing the cool summer ‘chu hanging around, but we bid farewell earlier today. While we had hoped that it would’ve received the shiny treatment like the party hat one did, it was still a neat design, and brought everyone closer to gold on the Pikachu Fan medal, not to mention introducing the new Pikachu Fan clothing.

Alola Rattata?

An egg shakeup has been observed by the researchers on the Silph Road, showing the removal of Alola Rattata from the egg groupings, to coincide with the addition of Alola Geodude and Diglett on the 20th of July. Additionally, the very coveted Alola Vulpix and Grimer have been significantly buffed, allowing for more frequent hatches. For lovers of the ice fox, this is fantastic news! For those that wonder if they are worth the hatches, you can see our meta analyses here: Muk and Ninetails.