Moltres release: weaker than Articuno, already beaten by 4 people!

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the Legendary Pokémon Moltres is appearing in all timezones where Raids are live. Early reports are in: Moltres is a breeze to counter and was already killed by groups as small as 4 players (screenshot below)!

We’ve prepared two guides on how to counter Moltres:

As expected, Moltres is very easy to counter, as most players have access to decent Golems with double rock moves and Tyranitars with Stone Edge. Honestly, outside temperatures are the biggest problem in Moltres raids, as weather channels across the globe reported record high temperatures and humidity.

Moltres taken down by 4 people

As expected, Moltres is far easier to counter than Articuno due to its low Defense and double weaknesses. Lugia and Articuno were the worst matchups for most commonly available counters.

Check the table below:

Moltres vs Articuno and Lugia
Stat Moltres Lugia Articuno
ATK 251 193 192
DEF 184 323 249
Boss CP 41953 42753 37603
Boss HP 12500

For those curious, the official tweet went live roughly 10 hours before this post has been published, around 16:00 PDT (Niantic offices are in PDT time zone):

Raiders, good luck and stay safe!

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