in preparation for the upcoming Safari Zone events and event related Pokémon, a new set of translations is downloaded by the app.

Here’s what we’ve found in the translations:

  • You will receive a warning before transferring an Event Pokémon to the Professor. This is currently only related to special Pikachu variants
  • There are several different strings for the Safari Zone event – one for September 16th, one for the general event – that follow the recently found Safari Zone enumeration values (check our 0.75.0 APK mine)
  • EX Raid rewards text will be properly displayed in the Journal Log!
  • Pokémon GO Plus Gym rewards will be properly displayed in the Journal Log!

We’re listing the new translations in both English and Spanish (other languages include Japanese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese and can be found here):

Key Translations
Exclusive raid log received items Received {0} items from EX Raid.
Objetos recibidos de incursión EX: {0}
Pgp log received items gym Received {0} items from Gym
Objetos recibidos de Poképarada de Gimnasio: {0}
Pokemon info multi transfer costume pokemon error You can’t select Event Pokémon
No puedes seleccionar Pokémon de un evento.
Pokemon costume info transfer to professor confirmation Do you really want to transfer this Event Pokémon?
¿De veras quieres transferir este Pokémon de un evento?
Badge safari zone europe 2017 title GO Safari Zone – Europe 2017
Zona Safari GO – Europa 2017
Badge safari zone europe 2017 Europe, September 16, 2017
Europa, 16 de septiembre de 2017