News Roundup January 8th: New Clothing Options and Rare Candy Rewards!

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New Clothing Options

Niantic has released another set of clothing options that require a medal to be completed before they become unlockable for purchase. These clothing options, at least, are some of the cooler outfits! (Yes I am mostly staring at the Kalos Veteran set…)

Here are the images released with Niantic’s tweet announcing these outfits!


The top orange outfits are the Ace Trainer from Unova outfits, second are the Ace Trainer from Alola outfits, and bottom are Veteran from Kalos outfits.

The most appealing to most players so far is the suave Kalos Veteran set, the scarf is really working for the female top! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

There are a few medals at various tiers that are required to unlock various pieces of these outfits, including the Ace Trainer Medal (raised by training against the team leaders in PVP), the Great League Veteran Medal (raised by battling in the great league), Ultra League Medal (raised by battling in the ultra league), and the Master League Medal (raised by batting in the master league).

Here is a break down of what is needed for each clothing item!

Clothing Item Medal Requirement Cost in Coins
Female Ace Vest Gold Ace Trainer 150
Female Ace Skirt Bronze Ace Trainer 100
Female Ace Boots Silver Ace Trainer 50
Female Ace Long Top Silver Ultra League 150
Female Ace Shoes Silver Master League 50
Female Ace Gloves Silver Great League 50
Female Ace Visor Silver Great League 50
Female Veteran Coat Gold Ultra League 150
Female Veteran Leggings Gold Great League 100
Female Veteran Boots Gold Master League 50
Male Ace Vest Gold Ace Trainer 150
Male Ace Pants Bronze Ace Trainer Medal 100
Male Ace Boots Silver Ace Trainer 50
Male Ace Top Silver Ultra League 150
Male Ace Shorts Silver Master League 100
Male Ace Gloves Silver Great League 50
Male Ace Earbud Silver Great League 50
Male Ace Shoes Silver Master League 50
Male Veteran Jacket Gold Ultra League 150
Male Veteran Pants Gold Great League 100
Male Veteran Boots Gold Master League 50

Basically, the first Ace Trainer set from Unova can be unlocked by reaching the Gold Ace Trainer Medal. The Ace Trainer set from Alola can be unlocked when you reach Silver on all PvP related Medals (Great League Veteran, Ultra League Veteran, and Master League Veteran). You need to win 50 Trainer Battles in each league to reach the Silver Medal. Lastly, the Veteran Set from Kalos can be unlocked when you reach Gold on all PvP related Medals. You need to win 200 Trainer Battles in each league to reach the Gold Medal.

There are a LOT of clothing items this time around, with three whole, separate sets of outfits to choose from! If clothing is your fancy, you have a lot to think about when it comes to these outfits!

PVP Reward Shake Up!

Shortly after the release of these clothing items, we heard in the wind a tale of rare candies as PVP rewards alongside Sinnoh stones and stardust! So far people have reported receiving one rare candy randomly in the place of dust or a stone! It may be possible to get two rare candies, just as it is possible, yet rare, to get two sinnoh stones, or 1000 stardust.

Could this be to add incentive to PVP? Or is it diluting the PVP reward pool and making the Sinnoh Stone rarer and rarer by the day?

Do not worry, as mentioned, Sinnoh Stones are still available as a reward from PVP, but the chance for one has likely gone down at least a little with this new addition.

This new update is heavily PVP focused, that is for sure! Whether it is for you or not is up for you to decide, but happy battling!

Event Reminder


Just as a reminder, the Hatch-a-thon event is currently active, rewarding double stardust and double candy for hatches, as well as an increased chance to get 5km and 10km eggs from stops and gyms! This event ends on the 15th of January at 1pm PST.

Community Day

Another upcoming event that ties in greatly with the Hatch-a-thon is Community Day! Totodile Community Day is right around the corner, January 12th for the Americas, Greenland, Europe, Middle East, India and African areas, and January 13th for Asian Pacific. You can read more about that here: Totodile Community Day Guide. The reward for this month’s Community Day is 1/4 Hatching distance! Save your incubators for this weekend, and go on a hatching spree!

Heatran Raids

As our last reminder, Heatran leaves raids on January 15th as well, as the Hatch-a-thon ends, so if you have not gotten your fill of Heatran yet, you have about another week from this post to get it!

That’s all we have for our news roundup for today! Happy hunting!

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