News roundup: new Gen 4 sprites, future Raichu costumes, Meltan Box buffed and 2018 recap

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Trainers, it is a very slow week in Pokemon GO, with PvP being “just around the corner” the whole community seems to be holding their breath – Niantic included. Well, despite the lack of big news, we’ve managed to scrape enough to write a good ol’ news roundup.

New Gen 4 sprites discovered in network traffic

Roughly 12 hours ago, Chrales has tweeted that 2D assets for Pokemon with multiple forms were fixed and that the missing assets have been added as well. The Pokemon included in this update are:

Wormadam Cherrim Shellos
Gastrodon Shaymin Giratina
Deoxys Unown Castform

However, don’t get excited just yet, the fact that these sprites were added doesn’t mean these Pokemon will be released any time soon.

Future Raichu costumes discovered

Speaking of things that could actually be released sooner than we expect, two new Raichu costumes were discovered in the network traffic just a few hours ago. There is no indication when or what for the costumes will be used, but the “winter-cap-looking” Raichu is expected to be released sooner than later. It is, after all, winter time in the Northern Hemisphere. Maybe Niantic saw our #SafePokeWinter campaign and decided to create an in-game event to accompany it? Dream on Zero, dream on…

Meltan Box Spawn Buff

For apparently no reason, Niantic announced that they are increasing the amount of Meltan spawns when using a Mystery Box you received from Pokemon Let’s Go. Early reports indicate a dramatic increase in spawns, with Trainers claiming as many as 18 Meltan caught per box. The Mysterious Box works as a Meltan specific Incense and the faster you can catch, the more Meltan you can encounter. The current limit is believed to be 20 Meltan.

Recapping 2018

All signs are pointing that Trainer Battles could be released today, with Niantic even going as far as to recap everything that happened in 2018. This tweet in particular makes us think that today is the big day:

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