Today’s news roundup is codenamed “Christmas Miracle” and it brings you a roundup of all the latest news that happened but didn’t receive an official Hub post. A lot has happened in just a day, making this a very exciting news roundup.

Delibird is live!

The elusive Delibird has finally made its appearance in Pokémon GO! Although not officially announced by Niantic, Delibird has started spawning around the same time as the 20 new Generation 3 Water types. There have been several fake images on the internet showing off a shiny Delibird, however, those were quickly dismissed and proven as forgeries.

Relicanth is a New Zealand regional exclusive

Apparently, Relicanth can only be caught in New Zealand, making it the newest region exclusive to join the club. Up to this date, we haven’t received any verifiable reports of players catching Relicanth outside New Zealand waters. This is somewhat disappointing, as Relicanth is one of the best Generation 3 additions, standing side to side with the likes of Omastar.


There is no indication that Relicanth will migrate in the future, but it would not be a surprise. Kiwis, enjoy your Pokémon exclusive, you’ve deserved it!

A shiny Snorunt is available

Niantic has released a new shiny form: Snorunt! Snorunt evolves into Glalie in Generation III, however, a female Snorunt evolves into Froslass (Max CP 1857, Ice Ghost) in Generation IV! Snorunt is not a powerful Pokémon, nor are Glalie or Froslass, but you can farm it today if you’re a shiny collector.

Big shoutout to our Twitter audience for helping us verify the new shiny form, we were sceptical at first, however they quickly helped out. Kudos!

The first part of Holiday sale is live

The first part (of two) of the Holiday sale is live. Three new box bundles are available in the in-game shop, featuring Star Piece, a new Stardust boosting item:

  • Winter Box – 480 Poké Coins
    • 2x Incense, 2x Egg Incubators, 5x Star Piece
  • Great Box – 780 Poké Coins
  • Ultra Box – 1480 Poké Coins

Our advice is to wait for the second part of the sale, as we expect some Raid Passes to show up in those bundles. The second part of the sale is going live on December 25:

From December 25 at 1:00 p.m. PST through January 4, 2018, keep an eye on the in-game shop for special boxes, featuring items such as Premium Raid Passes, Super Incubators, and Star Pieces.

Lures now last 6 hours, Christmas Pichu can hatched

As written above, Lure Modules now last 6 hours for a limited duration (until January 4), making it much easier to have indoors group playing sessions. In addition, it seems that the egg chart has changed again, bringing Generation I starters and Christmas Pichu in the mix.