Today was… quite eventful. Niantic is on an announcement spree, throwing info left and right, and there’s a lot to be excited about. We are quite happy to report that Zubat, Rattata and Pidgey spawn rates were greatly reduced. The change was also confirmed by Niantic on Twitter today!

To summarise today’s news that were confirmed by Niantic:

All of these changes and announcements come right after the Halloween event and it’s huge success in re engaging the player base. Even the Sixth nest migration happened yesterday!


This is all very exciting and refreshing, but there is something that is a bit concerning to us. Where do all of these changes leave us? Is this a sign of something bigger to come?

Well, we’re honestly not sure, but we are sure things are about to change a lot for one sad Pokemon – Pidgey.

The official Tweet from the Pokemon GO Twitter account:

Welcome to the Pidgey apocalipse

Today’s changes and announcements are game changing, as they influence the most common, almost staple, Pokemon. We are all aware that Pidgey power leveling was a long running practice for maximising experience gained from Lucky Eggs.

We are not sure if all of it is good news though.

How will power leveling work in the months to come? Is Weedle going to become the new Pidgey? In all honesty, with no chance to hatch and reduced spawn rates, Pidgey is doomed to become even more of a nuisance.

Up to today, Pidgey was a mandatory catch for most serious players, due to easy Evolution stacking and high availability. Other than that, Pidgey has no role in the game. It’s not a good defender. It’s not a good attacker. What is Pidgey now? A problem, in our opinion.

No more, no more...
No more, no more…

Goodbye Pidgey and thank you for all the Levels! You will be (or not, depending to who you talk with) missed!