Niantic Shares details on Level 50 and Mega evolution

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Hello Trainers,

Niantic has recently published a video interview with Matthew Slemon who is the Lead Product Manager for Pokémon Go.  Essentially, Matthew’s team is in charge of the roadmap for Pokémon Go.  He shared some interesting information about the future of Pokémon Go, the level cap and Mega Evolutions.

You can watch the full interview here.

Level 50 is coming

Apparently the level cap has been discussed around the Niantic offices for quite some time, and the subject of how to do it has been the biggest cause for debate amongst the teams.

Matthew indicated that they didn’t want trainers who are well past the level 40 experience requirement to just hit level 50 when it was released.  They want level 41 and beyond to require some effort, which is what leveling up should be.    He said that leveling 41 and beyond won’t be as simple as just grinding experience.

So let’s speculate here for a minute!  There are many ways that Niantic can handle the new level cap.  Will there be medal requirements?  I think that might be part of it, Ingress has medal requirements, but that’s something that Trainers could have already completed.

I think that we’re going to see field research requirements.  Trials if you will, tasks we’re going to have to complete in order to advance to the next level.

For example, we could see something like this:

Level 41
* 30,000,000 experience
* Make 20 Excellent throws
* Catch 50 different species of Pokémon
* Mega evolve 5 Pokémon

Mega Evolutions

Matthew confirmed that you will be able to Mega evolve your existing Pokémon.  This is very exciting news, as there were a ton of theories that swirled around that suggested that you would have to catch Mega Evolved Pokémon from raids or researches.

Check out this article for a full list of Mega Evolvable Pokémon in Pokémon Go!

What’s coming in 2020 and beyond

Matthew was pretty vague with this one, but he said there are new Pokémon coming, more events, and more features.  He also indicated that Niantic is trying to find the right balance between improving existing features and releasing new ones.

He hinted that 2021 might be a year where we see fewer new features and more improvements on existing ones.

The next 6 months are looking to be very exciting, and I’m sure that 2021 will bring even more excitement.  Stay safe out there trainers.

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