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Mega Evolution concept in Pokemon GO

Mega Evolution concept in Pokemon GO

Mega Evolutions are Pokémon transformations introduced in Generation VI. A Pokémon Mega Evolves in order to perform a special move or to gain a special ability. Mega evolution lasts only for the duration of the fight. Mega-Evolved Pokémon are identified by having “Mega” in front of their name.

There are 46 species of Pokémon that are capable of Mega Evolution, and there are 48 different Mega Evolutions.

Mega Evolutions in Pokemon main series games

In main series games in order to Mega Evolve, most Pokémon must be holding their appropriate Mega Stone and the Trainer must have a Key Stone.

Only Rayquaza does not need a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve, instead, it must know the move Dragon Ascent.
Kyogre and Groudon can’t Mega Evolve, but they can undergo Primal Reversion and transform into Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon. Primal Reversion is said to restore a Pokémon’s true powers as the Pokémon absorbs the energy of nature to greatly increase its power.

Mega Evolutions are not permanent, they happen in Pokemon battle where each Trainer may Mega Evolve a single Pokémon once. A Mega-Evolved Pokémon will only revert back to its original state if it faints or the battle ends.

A Mega-Evolved Pokémon has different base stats, with the exception of HP, and can have a different Ability and type from its non-Mega-Evolved form. Every Mega-Evolved Pokémon has a base stat total 100 points higher than that of its base form.

How can Mega Evolutions work in Pokemon GO?

We all know that Niantic likes to keep their game simple and we don’t know how the game will look like when and if Mega-Evolved Pokémon come to Pokémon GO. But we can speculate, so lets see how can Mega Evolutions be implemented in Pokémon GO.

1) Mega Evolutions work only during the battle

Like in main series games, Niantic can implement that trainer can Mega Evolve only one Pokémon once during a battle. In that case, there would probably be one Mega Stone that Mega Evolves every Pokémon, you would simple click “the stone button” on your screen during the battle and your Pokémon would Mega Evolve until the battle is over or until he faints.

This implementation has a few problems. Pokémon GO battles often don’t last very long, at best you can fight six Pokémon in a row and that usually don’t take really long and right now only a few Pokémon can give you problems. If you’re trying to take down a Legendary Raid boss for example, your Pokémon will probably faint in 30 seconds or less no matter how strong they are.

And if you Mega Evolve Pokémon during the battle, does it have the same moves as he had before and just boosted stats?

So it doesn’t really make sense to implement Mega Evolution only during battles with current Gym battle and Raid mechanics. In that case, Mega Stone that Mega Evolves your Pokémon wouldn’t really be that rare and you would just use it almost every Raid Battle without improving you performance much.

2) Mega Evolutions are permanent

This implementation would differ from the main series games but that wouldn’t be the first time Niantic did something like that. We think that this implementation makes much more sense but it can be done in many different ways.

Mega Evolved Pokémon would have better stats, new movesets and some of them different type.

But you need to have some kind of limitation, for example, you could only have one of every Mega Evolved Pokémon. That way IVs come into play even more, because you don’t want to Mega Evolve some 91% IV Pokémon when can only have one. You would be searching and trying to hatch that 100% IV one to Mega Evolve it. And it wouldn’t break the Meta game because you would also need other Pokémon to take down a gym or Raid boss.

There are also ways to make getting Mega Evolved Pokémon harder. Like you need to walk with a certain Pokémon at least 50 km to be able to Mega Evolve it or you need 500 candy to Mega Evolve Pokémon. You could also make it that every Pokémon needs it’s own Mega Stone to Mega Evolve, like in main series games.

From what we see, a great way would be a combination of all of the above implemented with Pokémon Quests where for example you need to do following to get Mega stone to Mega Evolve your Pokémon:

  • walk X km with certain Pokémon
  • win X gym battles with certain Pokémon
  • win X raids with certain Pokémon as a Raid boss
  • spin X Pokestops or Gyms
  • and others

Mega Evolutions and their Max CP

We can only speculate about how will Mega Evolutions work in Pokémon GO and only hope abilities and other features will also be implemented some time before that.

Until then, let’s see what currently available Pokémon can Mega Evolve and what would their Max CP be with current CP formula so you can maybe start saving some candies.

Pokémon with asterisk next to its Max CP has had his stats nerfed.

Pokémon Type Max CP Name Mega Pokémon Type Max CP
 Psychic  4178*  Mega Mewtwo Y    Psychic  6803
   Psychic 4178*  Mega Mewtwo X    Psychic Fighting 6492
  Dragon Flying 3835* Mega Rayquaza  Dragon Flying  6040
Pokemon GO Garchomp Dragon Ground 3962 Mega Garchomp File:445Garchomp-Mega.png Dragon Ground 5425
 Rock Dark  3834 Mega Tyranitar   Rock Dark  5348
   Dragon Flying  3749 Mega Salamence   Dragon Flying 5032
  Dragon Psychic 3812 Mega Latios   Dragon Psychic  5008
  Steel Psychic 3645  Mega Metagross   Steel Psychic 4912
 Bug Fighting 3101  Mega Heracross Bug Fighting 4815
  Dragon Psychic 3510 Mega Latias   Dragon Psychic  4802
   Water Flying 3391 Mega Gyarados   Water Dark  4727
   Psychic Fairy 3093  Mega Gardevoir Psychic Fairy 4513
   Fire Flying  2889  Mega Charizard Y   Fire Flying  4480
Water Ground 2974  Mega Swampert
Water Ground 4417
   Psychic  3057 Mega Alakazam   Psychic  4367
Ghost Poison 2878 Mega Gengar
Ghost Poison 4337
  Electric 2852 Mega Ampharos Electric Dragon 4256
Bug 2959 Mega Pinsir Bug Flying 4183
 Steel Rock  3000  Mega Aggron    Steel 4163
Fire Fighting 2848 Mega Blaziken Fire Fighting 4162
 Rock Flying 2783 Mega Aerodactyl  Rock Flying  4119
 Bug Steel  3001  Mega Scizor   Bug Steel 4088
  Grass 2757 Mega Sceptile Grass Dragon 4069
Water 2466
 Mega Blastoise
Water 3950
   Normal 2586 Mega Kangaskhan   Normal 3851
 Fire Flying 2889
 Mega Charizard X
Fire Dragon 3851
 Dark Fire 2635  Mega Houndoom Dark Fire 3843
Pokemon GO Lucario Fighting 2703 Mega Lucario Mega Lucario Sugimori artwork FightingSteel 3826
Water Psychic 2545
Mega Slowbro
Water Psychic 3772
   Steel Ground  2414  Mega Steelix  Steel Ground 3671 
Grass Poison  2720  Mega Venusaur   Grass Poison 3699
 Normal Flying  2129  Mega Pidgeot   Normal Flying  3693
  Ghost  2298  Mega Banette Ghost 3595
Electric 2340
Mega Manectric
Electric 3581
Pokemon GO Abomasnow Grass Ice 2362 Mega Abomasnow File:460Abomasnow-Mega.png Grass Ice 3406
  Bug Poison  1846  Mega Bedrill   Bug Poison 3394
Dark 2526   Mega Absol  Dark 3312
   Water Dark  2181 Mega Sharpedo    Water Dark 3285
   Ice  2105  Mega Glalie   Ice 3230
 Fire Ground  2193  Mega Camerupt    Fire Ground 3229
   Dragon Flying  2004  Mega Altaria    Dragon Fairy 3171 
Pokemon GO Audino Normal 1682 Mega Audino File:531Audino-Mega.png Normal Fairy 2525
   Fighting Psychic  1431 Mega Medicham    Fighting Psychic  2496
   Steel Fairy 1634  Mega Mawile    Steel Fairy 2381
   Dark Ghost  1476  Mega Sableye   Dark Ghost  1943