Nine new Generation 3 moves and Shiny Cleffa found in Pokémon GO’s network traffic

Pokémon GO Gen 3
Pokémon GO Gen 3


Chrales, a regular data miner with the PoGO Dev discord channel, has managed to extract nine new strings from the downloaded translation package. The nine new strings reference nine new moves coming with Generation III!

"move_name_0287" "Yawn"
"move_name_0282" "Take Down"
"move_name_0285" "Draco Meteor"
"move_name_0283" "Waterfall"
"move_name_0284" "Surf"
"move_name_0288" "Psycho Boost"
"move_name_0286" "Doom Desire"
"move_name_0290" "Precipice Blades"
"move_name_0289" "Origin Pulse"

The animations accompanying these moves were already discovered in earlier data mines: Pokémon GO 0.81.1 APK Mine: 7 new moves, blacklist tweaks, Unity upgrade and background audio fix, however, this brings us another step closer to seeing them in game.

Unfortunately, these moves have not been associated with any Pokémon as of now. Gyarados with Waterfall is still not in.

In addition, a new Shiny model has been discovered — the game is now downloading a new Shiny Cleffa 3D model, which is not yet available but is present on Niantic’s servers:

Shiny Cleffa

So, with all of these moves having both textual and visual assets, the important question is what is still missing in order for their release? Honestly, nothing! The only thing that is still needed is a GAME_MASTER file update which will assign these moves to concrete species and enable them in game.

Stay tuned for updates, the Gen III hype train will be departing soon.

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