PoGoMinders: Field Research, Breakthroughs, Earth Day Event, & More!

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Trainers, May is here, which means the Earth Day Event is almost over and very soon we will have NEW Field Research Tasks and Breakthrough Rewards! Here are some helpful PoGoMinders to help you get the most out of the month of May and finish of the Earth Day Event in style!

Field Research Task List

Reports of Field Research Tasks for May are currently coming in, once new Tasks are reported and confirmed, we will post updates here! Will we see never before seen tasks? Be sure to share with us in the comments below!

May 2019 Research Tasks
Task Reward
Catch 10 Pokémon Magikarp
Catch 5 Pokémon with Weather Boost 200 Stardust
Catch a Dragon-type Pokémon Dratini
Catch 3 Electric, Poison, or Normal-type Pokémon Plusle
Catch 5 Water-types Seel
Catch 5 Flying, Dark, or Psychic-type Pokémon Poochyena
Catch 5 Fighting-types Breloom
Catch 7 Grass, Water, or Fire-type Pokémon Growlithe
Catch 10 Ground-type Pokémon Diglett
Hatch an Egg 5 PokéBalls
Hatch 3 Eggs Magmar
Hatch 5 Eggs 3x Rare Candy
Make 2 Nice Throws in a row 5 PokéBalls
Make 5 Nice Throws Geodude
Make 3 Great Throws Gastly
Make 3 Great Throws in a row Onix
Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a Row Spinda
Make 3 Excellent Throws in a Row Larvitar
Battle in a raid 5 Nanab Berries
Battle in a Gym Makuhita
Battle in a Gym 5 times Machop
Win a Gym Battle Bulbasaur
Win 3 Gym Battles Jynx
Win 5 Gym Battles Grimer
Win a Level 2 raid or higher Sableye
Trade a Pokémon Drifloon
Use 5 Berries to help catch Pokémon Weepinbell
Use 5 Nanab Berries while catching Pokémon Swalot
Use 10 Pinap Berries while catching Pokémon Loudred
Send 10 Gifts Exeggutor
Evolve a Pokémon Pidgey
Use an item to evolve a Pokémon Skarmory
Transfer 3 Pokémon Shuppet
Earn 5 Candies walking with your buddy Slakoth
Use a Super Effective Charge Attack 7 Times Electabuzz
Power Up Pokémon 5 Times Bulbasaur

SpindaSpinda 4

Spinda #4 is now available through the Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a Row Field Research Task.

New Breakthrough Rewards

With May upon us, we are going to be getting new breakthrough rewards for completing our 7-day tasks. The Pokémon we will be seeing in this months’ breakthrough are Ho-oh, Lugia, Latios, and Latias. Although many people may have these mons already, don’t forget each one also has the potential to be shiny.

PoGoMindersSee the source image

PoGoMinders: Earth Day Rewards End, May 2nd

Earth Day rewards will end May 2nd @ 1 PM PDT. So, get out there and take advantage of them before they are gone.

Event Details

Event Earth Day 2019 Rewards
Date + Time END: May 2, 2019, at 1:00 PM PDT (GMT −7)
  • Ground-type Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild.
  • Boosted Shiny Diglett rates
  • Groudon in Raids with a chance to encounter it’s shiny
  • 2x Catch Stardust
  • 2x Catch Candy
  • Catch Bonuses only apply to Pokémon appearing as part of this event

Tips/Tricks/Things to Remember

  • Groudon Raids: Although Ground-type is not the most useful in the current meta, Groudon is still a solid addition to your collection. As of now, Groudon is the most powerful Ground-type Pokémon and if used with Solar Beam, it can also be a solid Grass-type attacker as well. Groudon is by all means worth powering up, especially if you get a high IV shiny one!
  • 2x Stardust: With the boosted ground-type spawns amass, bust out those Star Pieces and rack up that valuable dust while you can! However, if you aren’t totally blinged out in those beautiful crystals, then we suggest you conserve them for the upcoming Torchic Community Day on May 19th when it will be 3x Catch Stardust!
  • 2x Candy: While double candy may not entirely be the most useful for Diglett, other rare Ground-type spawns are also double candy as well (it is an event for Ground-types, after all). It is a good time to grind out candy, and if you need it – Pinaps will net you 12 candies for Event spawns.
  • Shiny: Get’em while they’re boosted! Sandshrew, Cubone, Diglett, their evolutions, and more!

Final Notes

On a final PoGoMinders note, double dust for Event spawns as well as double candy is a good reason to get out there and hunt. On top of this, Groudon is an excellent addition to your Pokémon inventory. The Earth Day Event rewards were well worth the hype that preceded them. These rewards do end tomorrow at 1 pm PST though, so now is the time to reap the rewards while they’re still available.

Good luck out there, Trainers!

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