Pokémon Day 2024: Pokémon Presents

Today is Pokémon Day 2024, and that means a brand new Pokémon Presents, giving us new information for the year ahead across the Pokémon franchise. We’ll break it down into a few sections, with Pokémon GO up first as it is the most relevant to our readers. Hype!

Pokémon GO General icon

In Pokémon GO news, we got the exciting reveal that a new collaboration will be happening between the Pokémon Horizons series, with Pikachu wearing Cap’s Hat making their debut in game, knowing the new move Volt Tackle.

Charcadet, Ceruledge and Armarouge are also slated to debut in GO soon, with Liko and Roy, the new protagonists of Pokémon Horizons, appearing via Snapshots in game.

We’ll share more on this event in a dedicated article posted ASAP.

A Pokémon Day celebration event is taking place, with the Kanto Starters will be back with their Party Hat costumes, along with Pikachu and Eevee! This is starting with immediate effect for the next 24 hours.

Pokémon Main Series General icon

Pokémon Legends AZ

A brand new game has been announced for 2025, Pokémon Legends AZ! It will focus on Lumiose City, and the teaser video had a really unusual art style. Interestingly right at the end of the video the Mega Evolve symbol was shown… Mega Pokémon making a comeback?!

While the last Legends game journeyed into the past, with the art style shown, it appears this could be a trip into the future, to a place where Pokémon and humans live in peace in Lumiose City. The City appears to be based in the Kalos region, but the entire game will be focused on the city itself.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

A series of Tera Raid Battle events have been announced celebrating the Kanto starter final evolutions, with Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard in rotation until 17th March 2024.

Other Pokémon Games General icon

Pokémon Sleep

In very exciting news for Pokémon Sleep fans, the first ever Legendary Pokémon will begin appearing in game in March! Raikou will debut first, followed by Suicune and Entei. To celebrate there will be a special free gift in game, of 10 Poké Biscuits, and 1000 Diamonds!

Pokémon Masters EX

New characters and Pokémon partners have been announced for Pokémon Masters EX, including Geeta, Gladion and Riley. There is also a free gift in game of 3000 gems!

Pokémon Unite

Several new Pokémon have been announced for Pokémon Unite, with Miraidon being introduced first, Falinks in April, and Ceruledge slated for later in the year. Use the code POKEDAY24 for a free gift in game.

Cafe Remix

A new event based on collecting Gimmighoul coins will begin, introducing Gholdengo into the game. New outfits for the Paldean starters will also feature.

Trading Card Game General icon

A new app has been announced, Pokémon TCG Pocket! It will be a digital version of Pokémon cards, with two free packs to open each day, the ability to trade with other players, and battle in app. A new form of card, known as Immersive Cards, will also be introduced, allowing you to fully experience the incredible illustrations in great detail.

This is made in collaboration with Creatures Inc, and DeNA, who make Unite. A TCG set called Genetic Apex was included in the promo video.

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