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Pokemon GO APK 0.35.0 Instructions

Pokemon GO APK 0.35.0 Instructions
Pokemon GO APK

While Pokemon GO 0.35.0 is slowly rolling out world wide, you can get it before it becomes officially available at your local Google Play store. We received a lot of player questions on the 0.35.0 Pokemon GO APK and where to find it. Remember that using an APK version of the game is completely legal and fine in regards to the Terms of Service and will not result in a ban.

Here’s a quick change log for the newest version:

Patch Notes

  • Implemented Pokémon Appraisal: Trainers will now be able to learn about a Pokémon’s attack and defense capabilities from their Team Leader (Candela, Blanche or Spark) to determine which of their Pokémon have the most potential for battle.
  • We are still working hard on several new and exciting features to come in the future of Pokémon GO.
  • Minor bot fixes

Pokemon GO APK Instructions

  1. Open the Settings on your Android Phone
  2. Go to Settings >> Applications or a similar category depending on the phone you have
  3. Find an option called “Unknown source” and enable it
  4. Go to APKMirror and download the Pokemon GO installation file
  5. Open the installation file and let the app install
  6. Login using PTC or Google login
  7. Enjoy!

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