Pokémon GO is back in Top Grossing apps on Android and iOS: Raids edition!

This morning we were tipped by a number of Twitter followers that Pokémon GO is back in Top Grossing Apps both on Android and iOS! Dankmeme sent in the following tweet:

The exact positioning depends on your local market place, but overall, Raids have proven to generate huge cash flow for Niantic.

Our followers reported the following:

  • 2nd place iOS, multiple countries
  • 1st place, Sweden, Android
  • 2nd place, Belgium, Android
  • 4th place, Poland, Android
  • 9th place, Australia, Android
  • more coming soon…

It’s not hard to imagine why – you get one Free Raid Pass per day, which means you need more Premium Raid Passes to raid during the same day. Not to mention, Max Revives and Max Potions are now purchasable in the store.

Someone, somewhere in San Francisco, is having a field day today, as players level 25+ are embarking on their first raids. We can confirm that GO Hub has also experienced record traffic over the past 3-4 days, with more than 1 million Trainers visiting our Raid Guides.

We expect this to last for another 4-5 days as players experience the raiding scene as it is now, with another spike in app usage and spending coming right after that. It’s expected that Niantic will extend Raids even further and a few events are rumored to start in early July.

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