Pokémon GO Fest 2020: Spreading of wrong date information

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Pokémon GO Hub

Trainers, we wanted to share an update on incorrect information that is currently getting traction on The Silph Road subreddit. According to this reddit post, a German newspaper published that GO Fest Dortmund takes place from August 7 through August 10, 2020.

As Niantic Creators Partners, GO Hub has been informed that this is not the correct date for the Pokémon GO Fest in Europe. Please, do not book any flights or hotels for these dates, they are not correct!

The reddit post refers to an older article from the “Ruhr Nachrichten”, published on November 27th 2019. The full version of the article is hidden behind a paywall.

P.S. No bad feelings or criticism should be directed towards the original poster (lazydavez) of the article on Reddit. The error originated elsewhere, so let’s just prevent the misinformation from spreading.

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