Pokémon GO News roundup: Week #18 2018

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It’s been a rather slow week in the world of our beloved Pokémon GO, as we are in an awkward state of the game where we’re waiting for a few things to resolve: Latios and Latias switch this Tuesday (May 8th), Charmander Community day on May 19 and a likely Adventure Week announcement coming soon.

Today, we’re bringing you an overview of news items that were too small to warrant a full fledged post on the Hub, and a summary of the big ones you could have missed past week.

A secret Super Incubator sale is live

An unannounced secret Super Incubator “sale” is live in the in-game store, allowing players to purchase Super Incubators for 200 Pokécoins a piece. We’re unsure to why Niantic has set it up, as it’s not much of a sale, but more of a “Hey you can buy Super Incubators now” thing.

0.101.x update forced on Android and iOS

Two days ago, Niantic forced the latest update as a minimum required version across both mobile platforms. Usually, this wouldn’t be super interesting, but given the recent Adventure Week 2018 hints and the fact that a new fast move (Smack Down) is in the APK, we’re hoping that NIA will introduce it soon.

YouTubers organise Texas Pokéfest on May 19th

According to a tweet sent out by Pokemon Master Holly,  a special community event takes place in Texas during the upcoming Charmander Community Day.

A free walking tour in Perth, Australia

Niantic is promoting a real world event that takes place in Perth, Australia and:

“On Sunday 13 May you are invited to delve behind the usually closed doors of some of Perth’s unique heritage places and spaces as part of Hidden Perth.

Heritage Perth will open the doors to some of the City’s more unknown and unusual heritage sites hiding in plain sight as part of this event. ”

Adventure Week hinted in official newsletter

Niantic is going all out with events, with the latest Pokémon GO newsletter officially hinting that a new version of the last year’s Adventure Week will be announced this month!

The hype is real, especially if Smack Down is released, and we are patiently waiting for more info. Hopefully, the event will not overlap with the Community Day event!

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