Pokémon & Item Storage Space Increased for GO Fest

With Global GO Fest impending, Niantic have announced an increase to both the Pokémon storage, and item storage with the start of the event! It is the perfect time to increase your storage as many trainers will be planning to catch a lot of Pokémon this weekend!

The are increasing the max storage capacity by an additional 450, with an additional 50 to follow at the beginning of Pokémon GO Fest in your local region. The maximum Pokémon Storage capacity will be 6100 and the maximum Item Storage capacity will be 5100.

The additional 50 will be given as a free upgrade as the event starts in your region, but the 450 increase will be purchasable via the shop, at a cost of 200 coins per 50 storage spaces.

We recommend waiting to increase your storage space until the last minute, so you don’t accidentally start filling it up pre-GO Fest! These increases are permanent, but timed for GO Fest because of the nature of the event.

Pokémon GO Item Storage

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