Pokémon GO Announces Storage Increase

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Pokémon trainers! A new storage increase has been announced in Pokémon GO for both your Pokémon storage and for your item storage, just in time for the holiday season.

  • Pokémon storage limit has been increased to 7,300, from 6,800.
  • The item capacity limit has been increased to 6,300, from 5,800.

A whopping 500 increase for each storage type!

With exciting events upcoming, such as the newly announced Sinnoh Tour in LA and Sinnoh Tour Global, the Catch Mastery: Ice Event this weekend, and teasers for the always hype Winter Holiday events, this storage increase couldn’t come soon enough.

To increase your storage head to the in-game shop, and you’ll see options for both Pokémon and item storage increases. It costs 200 coins per 50 additional spaces in your storage for either storage type.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our December Event Guide to keep track of all the icy events happening this month! New shinies, and new Pokémon are coming, so you just might need some extra storage space for your Pokémon hoarding.

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