Pokémon World Championships 2023: GO Day 2 Highlights

Good day, Pokémon Trainers! The Pokémon GO World Championships are in full swing. This means trainers around the world are bringing their A-game in order to secure the title of “World Champion”. Though trainers will have to go through a gauntlet of other trainers for three whole days for this prestigious title. What this means is 3 days of intense competition, 3 days of hype matches, and 3 days of trainers putting everything on the line making every prediction and every catch to get an inch closer to victory!

And that’s where I come in. Whether you’ve missed some of the key matches or want to relive some of the best moments, I’ll be bringing you some of the highlights of each day and providing a brief description and analysis for each. With that explanation out of the way, let’s begin with the highlights of Day 2!

Avrip’s Altaria Isn’t Weak to Ice Types

I’m quite happy with being able to start by highlighting this one. As Avrip is one of our own writers here at GO Hub. This match was the first introduction for Avrip on stream. And what an amazing introduction it was. In the very first round against RicFlareon, Avrip made a critical catch. Catching an Ice Punch on his double weak to ice Altaria. Effectively forcing RicFlareon‘s hand to make an undercharge so he can come back with the energy to fight against Avrip’s Shadow Swampert. 

Of course, it doesn’t pan out, because such a perfect undercharge is very difficult to accomplish regardless of your skill level. Resulting in Avrip’s Altaria having enough health and energy left to deal with the Shadow Alolan Sandslash by itself. It was a moment so amazing so early in today’s matchups that the Pokémon GO’s official X account posted about it. Avrip had an exceptional run in the World Championships in general. Ultimately placing 9th place overall before the end of the day. Congrats on making it this far Avrip!

The Perfectly Imperfect Team

Due to a registration error, ElCheasdasd entered the World Championships with only five Pokémon instead of six. While most people would rightfully be frustrated having to deal with such a disadvantage on Pokémon GO’s largest stage. It didn’t seem to deter ElCheasdasd at all. Winning match after match against some of the fiercest trainers, such as the then-undefeated ValiantVish with only five Pokémon. Unfortunately, his run did come to a close in the losers semi-finals against xXRubixMasterXx. But the run up to that was nothing short of impressive. And by the end of the day, nobody else can claim that they were the 4th best Pokémon GO trainer in the world with just 5 Pokémon on the go!

ItsAXN’s Best Buddy

When people are new and eager to try out Pokémon GO’s PvP modes and observe the regular players, one common question that may come to mind is, “Why?”. Why put so much effort into having Pokémon with perfect IVs for a few added stats? Why learn to count moves until it becomes as easy as breathing just to avoid that extra small fast damage? By the end of the day, it’s because of moments like this. This is the reason why. When you get rewarded for your efforts. When you make plays to avoid a single fast attack and when you raise and best buddy a Pokémon and learn to play it the best, this is what you’re rewarded with. You survive an Ice Punch by thinner than a hair’s margin and come out on top.

Not Just a Regular Swampert

In my closing remarks of the Day 1 Highlights, I mentioned that one of the key features of that day was incremental change. Trainers made small adjustments changing out the tried and true for what they thought they could benefit best from. And ChiodoSH01 provides the perfect example of my statement.

He brought in the Non-shadow Swampert instead of the more popular Shadow Swampert. Believing in regular Swampart’s bulk to be more valuable. And the return for this small investment is quite a large margin. Swampert became instrumental in ChiodoSH01’s success. Sweeping xXRubixMasterXx’s whole team in the first round with his Swampert. But unfortunately much like ElCheasdasd ChiodoSH01 just couldn’t get past this talented trainer. And his dream for the title of champ came to an end against ElCheasdasd. But him and his Swampert provided an impressive show till the very end.

Wdage Rides On Golden Wings

For the Day 1 Highlights, I mentioned how in these tournaments the battle begins before a single tap on the phone. While I used Arroh as an example of solid team reading on Day 1. For Day 2, it’s all about Wdage. It takes a very deep understanding of your opponent’s mindset along with a certain boldness, in bringing in Altaria when you had just had your opponent dominate against you with an Alolan Sandslash. Yet Wdage was willing to put his confidence on the wings of his shiny Altaria.

And once again it paid off. Altaria did not only have a solid lead matchup but was instrumental in Wdage’s victory in this round of the winners finals. I actually had to choose between this and another moment where he again showed impressive team reading under pressure. That’s just a testament to how impressive of a performance he had this day on the World Championship stage. 

The Gruelling Winners Finals

The Day 2 Winners Finals had enough twists and turns to be considered an entire tournament season by itself. With Wdage and ItsAXN tied 2 for 2, whoever wins is going strong in the Grand Finals tomorrow. So neither trainer was going to leave it easy. Blow for blow, swap for swap, it was a battle to the finish. But in the end, well I’ll let the video speak for itself.

The Return of the Egg

With ItsAXN solidifying his place for the Grand Finals, it’s now up to Wdage and xXRubixMasterXx to fight against each other to take the other seat on Day 3. Both of these trainers have been fighting battle after battle against the best trainers in the world. But if ChiodoSH01’s is an example of “incremental change” then xXRubixMasterXx is someone who lives and breathes that ethos. Preferring Deoxys(Defense Form) over Medicham, Shadow Quagsire over Shadow Swampert, and of course, bringing back Azumarill. This little blue egg was one of the best Pokémon for season 1 of the official Pokémon GO circuit.

And as far as xXRubixMasterXx is concerned, it’s good to go for season 2 too. The Losers Finals was also a constant back and forth between these two talented trainers. With xXRubixMasterXx standing at the top. His Azumarill completely walling Wdage’s team was definitely the highlight for me.

Closing Remarks

And we are done with Day 2! I thought I’d be able to cover Day 2 quicker. But with how fantastic so many of these matches were, it took me a while to pick and choose what to highlight. If I am to put my opinion on Day 2 succinctly, I need to address one of the more common things I tend to hear about the GO circuit. It’s always some form of “I would be interested but it’s always the same Pokémon”. And I am by no means putting shade on this statement. I understand where it comes from and can sort of agree.

But with many other Esport circuits, I personally believe it’s not about what’s common. It’s not what people remember. It’s the risky moves, it’s the unique team compositions, it’s the trainers that bring novelty to each and every battle that stay in peoples’ hearts and allow ordinary people to become champs! And with a long enough history like Pokémon VGC, you end with legends such Se Jun Park and his Pachirisu. Now granted Pokémon GO is a different game from the mainline video games. But the sentiment still remains, I want to be able to say “I was there when history was made” with a bold choice like Se Jun’s Pachirisu. And that is the word I’d use to describe Day 2, Bold.

And with that, we reach the Grand Finals in a few hours. ItsAXN Vs. xXRubixMasterXx, a rivalry similar to Ash Vs. Gary, Red Vs. Blue. With ItsAXN always being weary of xXRubixMasterXx yet managing to push him to the Losers Bracket. The first-ever champion won from the losers’ side, so it’s still anyone’s game. I have my alarm set up to watch it live. And if it proves to be as exciting as Day 2 I will have a lot to cover still.

Goodbye for now, Pokémon trainers. Priom-out!

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