Raid rarity and timings have been discovered

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raid rarity has been finally cracked, at least for now. A redditor by the name Charter23 has managed to collect data for a total of 2942 raids throughout his city and calculate the relative percentage of each raid level.

The following table is the product of Charter’s research:

Raid lvl Total Raids Ø per mon % of all Raids
Level 1 709 177 24,1%
Level 2 729 146 24,8%
Level 3 604 86 20,5%
Level 4 266 38 9%
Level 5 634 634 21,5%

Surprisingly, Level 4 raids appear much less than Legendary Raids do, presumably to reduce access to high tier Pokémon like Tyranitar, Rhydon and Snorlax. Almost all of the Level 4 bosses are a useful addition to your team, but Tyranitar gets the cake here.

The author also said that the distribution of Bosses inside every Raid level is uniform, which means that every boss has the same chance to spawn. As observed, Charter shared that Entei spawned 3.6x more often than Magikarp and 14.4x more often than Tyranitar. Like we warned earlier, don’t miss out on Tyranitar raids!

Additionally, none of the 2942 raids have spawned during the last quarter of each hour. In other words, a Raid only appears from “minute 0” to “minute 45” of each hour.

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