Legendary Raid Egg Boss List (Dark Egg List)

Pokémon GO Legendary Raid Boss List

A chart showing all Pokémon that can hatch from Legendary (Dark) Raid Eggs. These Pokémon are all Level 5 Raid Bosses and it’s still unclear when and where they will be released. We know that they are hatched from Legendary Raid Eggs.

Note: many trainer call these eggs Dark Eggs, due to their shell color, but their official name (in the code) is Legendary Raid Egg.

Rare (Yellow) Raid Egg Bosses
Raid Tier  Raid Boss Boss Soloable
As Boss Raid Catch (max)
★★★★★ (5) Articuno ??? ??? No
★★★★★ (5) Zapdos ??? ??? No
★★★★★ (5) Moltres ??? ??? No
★★★★★ (5) Mewtwo ??? ??? No
★★★★★ (5) Raikou ??? ??? No
★★★★★ (5) Entei ??? ??? No
★★★★★ (5) Suicune ??? ??? No
★★★★★ (5) Lugia ??? ??? No
★★★★★ (5) Ho-oh ??? ??? No

Legendary Raid Egg Strategy Guide

Unlike Normal Raid Bosses and Rare Raid Bosses, Legendary Raids are not yet available in game. However, that is not an excuse not to get prepare, is it Trainer? Listen up here.

Your best companions versus Legendary Pokémon are as follows:

In general, anything with Stone Edge rock will deal SE damage on Legendary Birds. dark moves are SE against Mewtwo.

Legendary (Dark) Raid Egg FAQ

How do I enter a Legendary Raid?
You need a Legendary Raid Pass. We don’t have any additional information to share about this for now.

Are Legendary Pokémon capturable?
Yes, they will be, but they don’t seem to be usable in Gyms. There is a legendary badge in the 0.67.1 APK that hints that Legendary Battles will be counted and remembered:

Pokémon GO Legendary Battles Won Badge
Legendary Battles Won Badge

When will the Legendary Raids be available?
There is no set date, but Archit Bhargava (Niantic) shared the now famous quote “This summer will be legendary” on the Webby Awards 2017 ceremony. Take that with a grain of salt, as summer lasts from June 21 to September 22, so it could take a while for the Legendary raids to be released.

Why didn’t you include Mew and Celebi in the table above?
Mew and Celebi are Pokémon connected to nature, life, flourish, etc. It would be very, very strange to fight them in Raids when you take the Pokémon anime lore into consideration. We find it unlikely that Raids will be their introduction.

What is Antonio’s favourite Legendary?
Shiny Suicune.