Regional Raid Bosses in the Recent Shake-up

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Before the Kanto raid bosses threw us all off track, it was brought to our attention, and with a lot of asking around, that there may be a bit of an odd twist with this most recent raid boss rotation, meaning the bosses before and after the Kanto Celebration happened. This twist is that some of the raid bosses are regionals!

With the temporary Kanto raid bosses giving us a lot of time to think, but impeding our research, here is what we know below:

  • Walrein, Duskull and Pinsir are available as raid bosses in the areas where Latios currently resides as the legendary raid boss (North America, South America and Africa).
  • Houndoom, Shuppet, and Granbull are available as raid bosses in the areas were Latias currently resides as the legendary raid boss (Europe and Asia).

It is fascinating how long it took some people to figure this out, including us! Nonetheless, it is unknown whether or not these raid bosses will rotate when Latios and Latias do, so be sure to do as many of these raids as you want to before they potentially take off (even though, we agree, they are lackluster Pokémon).

For many, these new raid bosses are just a new challenge to solo or duo, so check out our several raid guides on these Pokémon!

If you have any research topics you would like to point out, or would like to join this discussion, be sure to join us on Twitter or on our Discord server!

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