Shaymin Special Research Guide – Grass and Gratitude

Learn how to complete the free global Shaymin Special Research called "Grass and Gratitude". Get your Land Shaymin today!


Shaymin (Land)

Grass and Gratitude Special Research story is a seven stages long story that introduces Shaymin in the world of Pokémon GO for everyone. Shaymin was originally available as part of the GO Fest 2022, and is now available as part of the Pokémon GO Sustainability Week 2023.

Shaymin Special Research is available for pickup from Thursday, April 20, 2023, at 10:00am. This Special Research is free and will be available to all Trainers—complete it to encounter Shaymin in its Land Forme! (*)

(*) Trainers who caught Shaymin during Pokémon GO Fest 2022 will still be able to access and complete the Special Research, and they will have the opportunity to encounter Shaymin again.

Grass and Gratitude Tasks and Rewards

The Special Research story Grass and Gratitude will be available to all Trainers for free starting during Sustainability Week, starting April 20, 2023, 10:00 a.m. local time! Trainers who complete the Special Research will earn an encounter with the Mythical Pokémon Shaymin.

It turns out that Shaymin has been sighted in the area, but Professor Willow needs your help to track it down! Assist Professor Willow, and perhaps the gratitude you show on the way will be key to finding this elusive Pokémon.

Grass and Gratitude (1/7)


Task Rewards
Take 4 snapshots of your Pokémon Nanab Berry icon 3× Nanab Berry
Spin 9 PokéStops or Gyms PokéBall icon 15× PokéBall
Walk 2 km Cherubi


  • XP icon 1000× XP
  • Stardust icon 500× Stardust
  • Mysterious Component icon 1× Mysterious Component


Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%! I’m so glad you’re here. Get this—there’ve been sightings of Shaymin in the area! Well, it might be more accurate to say “potential sightings,” as I’ve yet to verify the information. Shaymin lives in common flower patches but is rarely noticed. It’s often mistaken for a flowering plant when curled up—what unique behavior for a Mythical Pokémon! I can’t help but wonder if we’d know more about Shaymin if only we were a little more observant.

Let’s put that theory to the test and see what we can learn taking a good look around the area, shall we?

Grass and Gratitude (2/7)


Task Rewards
Take 4 snapshots of wild Grass-type Pokémon Razz Berry icon 3× Razz Berry
Take 9 snapshots of wild Pokémon Jumpluff
Take 2 snapshots of wild Flying-type Pokémon Super Potion icon 6× Super Potion


  • XP icon 1500× XP
  • Stardust icon 1000× Stardust
  • Rocket Radar icon 1× Rocket Radar


How did it go, %PLAYERNAME%? Any chance you ran into Shaymin while you were out? No? Well, that’s OK! I see you got some good snapshots of other Pokémon in the meantime.

Hmm… That gets me thinking. As you might know, the flowers all over Shaymin burst into bloom if it’s lovingly hugged and senses gratitude. I hypothesize that if we take the time to share some thankfulness, we’ll attract Shaymin’s attention.

Not that we need any excuse to celebrate Pokémon, I say! In fact, how about we appreciate them in photo form with some more snapshots, %PLAYERNAME%?

Grass and Gratitude (3/7)


Task Rewards
Power up Pokémon 22 times Star Piece icon 1× Star Piece


  • XP icon 2500× XP
  • Stardust icon 1500× Stardust
  • Raid Pass icon 1× Raid Pass


Your snapshots look great, %PLAYERNAME%! You’ve got a real knack for catching Pokémon—both in Poké Balls and on camera! And y’know what else you’ve got a knack for? Pokémon battles!

I’m sure you already know that one of the ways you can keep your team in tip-top shape is by powering up your Pokémon. Why don’t you do that and come see me when you’re done?

Grass and Gratitude (4/7)


Task Rewards
Catch 4 Grass-type Pokémon Leafeon
Catch 9 Pokémon Great Ball icon 15× Great Ball
Catch 2 Flying-type Pokémon Hyper Potion icon 6× Hyper Potion


  • XP icon 3000× XP
  • Stardust icon 2000× Stardust
  • Golden Razz Berry icon 2× Golden Razz Berry


Welcome back, %PLAYERNAME%! I was just thinking about Shaymin again. One of the many things that makes Shaymin so special is that it has two known forms.

I refer, of course, to its Land Forme and Sky Forme. Land Forme Shaymin is Grass-type, but when it turns into Sky Forme Shaymin, it becomes Grass- and Flying-type.

Some say that it transforms when it takes in the scent of a rare flower. Perhaps you’re wondering what would happen if a human took a whiff. A researcher from long ago tried just that, but alas, his body remained unchanged. Ah well. Not all hypotheses hold water. That’s just part of the scientific process!

And speaking of learning, why don’t you spend some time with other Grass-type Pokémon and Flying-type Pokémon? Maybe they’ll inspire you to make some hypotheses of your own!

Grass and Gratitude (5/7)


Task Rewards
Complete 4 Field Research tasks Pinap Berry icon 3× Pinap Berry
Earn 9 hearts with your buddy Ultra Ball icon 15× Ultra Ball
Hatch 2 Eggs Max Potion icon 6× Max Potion


  • XP icon 5000× XP
  • Stardust icon 2500× Stardust
  • Silver Pinap Berry icon 2× Silver Pinap Berry


Excellent work, %PLAYERNAME%. Now you’ve got even more Pokémon to bring along on your journey!

In the spirit of Shaymin being the Gratitude Pokémon, let’s show some gratitude to our old and newfound friends alike.

How about taking some snapshots with your Pokémon or feeding them some tasty Berries? I know my beloved Meltan always enjoys a snack—maybe your Pokémon are the same!

Grass and Gratitude (6/7)


Task Rewards
Catch 22 different species of Pokémon Lucky Egg icon 1× Lucky Egg



Your Pokémon are positively glowing, %PLAYERNAME%! I’m sure they appreciated that extra quality time with you. The more time I spend with Pokémon, the more I appreciate all their unique qualities.

For example, Torchic is oh-so-cuddly. It has fire burning inside it, so hugging it is lovely and warm. Then there’s Mudkip, who contains amazing power—it can crush rocks bigger than itself.

I could also wax poetic about Treecko, whose feet are covered by countless tiny spikes, enabling it to walk on walls and ceilings.

And that’s just a scant three Pokémon! I’d love to hear your observations too, %PLAYERNAME%. What unique Pokémon and traits can you observe?

Grass and Gratitude (7/7)


Task Rewards
Claim Reward 22x Shaymin Stickers
Claim Reward XP icon 2022× XP
Claim Reward Stardust icon 2022× Stardust


  • Candy icon 25× Shaymin Candy
  • Incense icon 1× Incense
  • Ultra Ball icon 22× Ultra Ball


%PLAYERNAME%! Yay—it’s Shaymin! It looks happy—I daresay even grateful—to be in the care of an exemplary Trainer like you! And as long as we’re on the subject, I want you to know I’m incredibly thankful you helped me with my research.

I know it’s not always easy, but I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your contributions to my studies. Studies that never end, I might add. Haha. So rest up, and I’ll be in contact again soon.

Let’s GO…with gratitude!

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