Shiny Tornadus Error and Compensation

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Trainers, on 10th January 2024, Therian Forme Tornadus arrived back into raids, with new move Bleakwind Storm, and with the shiny announced as available.

Sadly however, it seems that Niantic forgot to flick that shiny switch, and after the APAC region raid hour players were widely reporting that no one had encountered a shiny. Japanese twitter account pokemongo_db asked trainers to report their findings, and with over 1000 verified reports, it became clear that the shiny was not enabled.

After many trainers contacted Niantic the Japanese help account became the first to acknowledge the issue on Wednesday, but the shiny did not appear to be switched on for several hours after the issue was recognised.

Niantic has now acknowledged this issue on their main help social media account and has apologised, and has stated that compensation will be coming for impacted players.


It has now been confirmed by the community that Therian Forme Tornadus has been caught as a shiny from raids, so it is now safe to raid and shiny hunt!

Therian Forme Tornadus Shiny Therian Forme Tornadus


It is not yet known what the compensation for trainers will be, but we hope that trainers who raided will get their wasted raid passes returned to them at the very least. Many will have used their expensive remote raid passes to take part in raid hour.

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