Spawns have changed again – not in a good way

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Players are reporting big changes to spawn locations worldwide, unfortunately mostly mentioning spawn removal. This change is in effect since last night (04:00 AM Pacific Time Zone).

Feeling salty with this change? Ease your pain by witnessing Rayquaza’s 5000+ Max CP (we did some calculations for all Pokemon generations, check it out). All hail the overlord!

Of course, some players were really, really emotional:

“Yeah my rural spawn points are gone. I posted about this in the megathread at 655am saying that as of 630pm last night the only 2 spawns within 3 miles of my house were there, and as of 635am eastern this morning they’re gone.

Has anyone committed suicide yet and left a note blaming niantic?”

We’ve gone through most of the comments on reddit and Pokemon GO forums, and the vast majority of players reported spawns disappearing. There is no indication on why this happened and is there any nest migration planned soon.

There are some indications that Niantic is using a “nature growth” algorithm to simulate growth and decline of Pokemon population during certain periods of time, but it is yet to be proven.

We’re hoping that our beloved spawns will return soon, maybe when the weather changes again.

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