Squirtle Community Day Classic Make Up Event Announced

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During the recent Squirtle Community Day Classic, trainers experienced errors that meant they couldn’t log in due to a problem with The Pokemon Trainer Club. While it was advised by Niantic Help that trainers should use an alternative method to log in, there was no official communication in game about this error, so many trainers were left unable to take part in the event.


It is advisable to add another login method if possible to your account, in case of future errors, as unfortunately this isn’t the first time this has occurred.

Today the Niantic Help twitter account replied to a trainer who had an issue logging in on Squirtle Community Day Classic with the following:


While there has been no official word on an event on the Pokémon live blog, there have been shared by an official account, so it is safe to say an official announcement will be coming in the near future.

With Squirtle Squad Squirtle available for the Community Day Classic, this was a Classic that was much hyped by the community, so we are pleased a make up event will occur. Whether this will be for all trainers, or only those affected, and how Niantic will know who was affected, is unknown.

We’ll share more information as soon as we have it!

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