As reported on the Dutch news site, Niantic has added a new Pokestop in The Hague Kijkduin beach district, even though they are being sued by The Hague city!

A Lawsuit and a middle finger

The Hague is a city located in the western coast of the Netherlands, with a population of 520,704 citizen.

The Hague has filed a lawsuit against Niantic Labs after after officials failed to get a response from Niantic about putting a curfew on when Pokemon could be caught in Pokemon Go.

The Hague requested that Pokémon no longer appear anywhere near the protected dunes of Kijkduin and overnight between 23:00 and 07:00. This ban was requested mostly due to Pokemon trainers and hunters urinating all over the city and, as locals report, “behaving like a herd of rampaging beaten bisons”.

Niantic Labs responded in their own fashion, by adding a new Pokestop in the cities most attractive Pokemon zone.

Pokemon trainers in Kijkduin

Kijkduin dunes are threatened

Even though this can sound funny, the locals are very upset by the behaviour of the visiting Pokemon Trainers.

Kijkduin is a self proclaimed Pokemon capital of the Netherlands, with a large number of Pokestops and frequent rare sightings.

By the looks of it, the locals are terrified by the behaviour and neglect Pokemon trainers exhibit towards the beautiful sand.

Niantic hasn’t responded to any of the requests from The Hague, which forced the municipality to institute a lawsuit. See you on October 11 at the Hague court.

Get yourself a Porygon while you’re there.

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