The Silph Road Announces their Closure

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In a devastating blow for the Pokemon GO community, the much loved website, resource, research team and PvP leaders, The Silph Road, have sadly announced that they are ending their operations.

In an emotion statement shared on their subreddit, they state:

“Many of you may remember a year ago when I shared that Niantic decided to sponsor the Silph Road just in time, as our costs of operation were becoming too great to continue. For the past 12 months that sponsorship allowed the team to continue and even kept Silph’s web resources ad-free. We’ll always be grateful for the support Niantic extended our way this year.

But all good things must come to an end.

Niantic’s sponsorship of the Silph Road has concluded. After considering the mounting financial constraints facing our team, along with the momentum and landscape of the game in 2023, our team has come to the bittersweet conclusion that it is time to close what has been an incredibly rewarding and memorable chapter of our lives.”

While the Silph Road subreddit will remain on reddit, with immediate effect the Silph Road community maps, nest atlas, and other game resources will be unavailable. Over the coming weeks and months they will conclude their season and archive their Arena Hall of Fame. Their last community day check in will be Fennekin on the 21st May, so this will be your last chance to add to your Silph Road traveller card. By August 1st the remaining Silph services will go dark.

Niantic will take over the previously announced Niantic and Silph Road Community Ambassador Program, becoming solely a Niantic project. On the Live website Niantic shared the following:

“For the past year we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with the Silph Road on the Community Ambassador Program. It’s been great working with the team on this project, and it has also been incredible watching the passionate contributors at the Silph Road grow a truly amazing community hub. While we’re sad to see the Silph Road closing its doors, we want to thank them for all they’ve done for the Pokémon GO community in the last six years.

The Community Ambassador Program will continue to move forward into its next iteration. While we are closing applications for the month of May during the transition, community leaders will have expanded opportunities to apply to be a Community Ambassador outside of the Silph Road. Soon, Trainers from across the globe will be able to apply to this revamped program via Campfire, providing opportunities to share and grow their community and receive rewards for gathering in-person to play. We’ll continue to add more opportunities into the program, such as providing unique access and rewards for Community Ambassadors and their fellow Trainers. You’ll still be able to use the Pokémon GO map to share where you can find your local community and play together during special events.”

We will update on this as more information becomes available.

The Silph Road have had an incredible impact on the community over the years for Pokémon GO, and in particular, on the PvP scene. Arguably without The Silph Road, PvP would not be the eSport it is today. Their tournaments were the first in person PvP tournaments, and have helped Niantic envision their own tournaments and regional championships. Our PvP writers have taken part in many of their tournaments, written guides on the incredible Cup formats, and they’ve lead the way in making Pokemon GO PvP what it is.

Many communities and friendships were formed because of The Silph Road, and it is truly a sad day to see them close their doors. They have been an invaluable resource, and one so many of us have looked to.

We at GOHub would like to pass on our best wishes to all at The Silph Road team, and offer our thanks for all you have done. You showed us how communities could be made, and how Pokémon GO could bond us together. You say it has been an honour to travel with us all, but truly, the honour was ours, that we got to adventure along with you.

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