Weather system stops working for players worldwide

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Trainers, reports are coming in from players across the globe that weather data is missing from their games. This hasn’t happened since we last reported on it here on January 3rd 2018. If this has happened to your game, fear not, you are not alone.

Interestingly, the problem started all around the world simultaneously. As of the time of this writing, we had problems confirming that any area of the world is unaffected. We’ll update our readers via Twitter and Facebook once the weather system goes back online.

As far as weather providers availability goes, it seems that no major weather provider is down:

  • OpenWeatherMap is up
  • AccuWeather is up
  • TheWeatherNetwork is up

What are the effects of the missing weather? Well, here’s a short list:

  • no weather related spawns are appearing,
  • weather related quests can’t be completed
  • raid bosses can’t be weather boosted
  • moves are not weather boosted
  • the in-game map is rendered in default extreme weather
  • the weather icon is missing in the top right corner

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