Let’s Get Fitz City to Japan!

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Hey all, Fitz City here, one of your Pokemon GO Hub writers! I’m currently trying to raise funds to go to Japan for the this year’s Yokohama event in August, hopefully to get an opportunity to cover it for the Hub in person. These funds will not only help cover the travel costs, but I will also be using the rest of the money to help the local economy in Japan.

We don’t often ask our readers for help (this is probably the first time), but we want to try to cover the event in person and provide some excellent coverage for everyone who can’t attend.

If we manage to raise enough to get me there, here’s what I’m planning to create:

Detailed Pokemon GO Hub exclusive Yokohama coverage

As a writer for the GO Hub, I will be able to provide you all with in depth Yokohama event experience articles. I’ll be covering all aspects such as Pokemon spawns, Japanese culture and how successful the event was, just to name a few. This exclusive coverage will be:

  • rich in content and imagery
  • rich in hands on experience
  • rich in volume
  • exclusive to GO Hub’s readers

Aside from written articles, we’re working on something mysterious and special. There is also HUGE potential for meeting up with major Pokemon GO YouTubers while there. These interactions will be covered in the follow up articles as well!

Content Creation of My Own

For those who may not know, I’m a fellow Pokemon GO YouTuber as well. Japan is a beautiful place. Capturing its beauty, coupled with Pokemon GO will make very exciting videos. As mentioned above, meetups with YouTubers will be showcased in the videos as well. I’ve been providing quality informational/entertaining videos for over a year now and this will be no different. The videos I’ll be able to shoot and provide to the Pokemon GO community will definitely be an added bonus to this trip. Perhaps they will even help you decide to take a trip to Japan sometime!

Why should you even consider donating?

I won’t lie: going to Japan is really a dream of mine. I’m an honest guy and the chance to visit Yokohama under Hub’s banner would be a dream come true. I’ve talked with Zeroghan about this earlier, and we both agreed that having a chance to cover it in person would be a mind blowing experience for the Hub.

The funds will need to be gathered by July 15th. Any extra money I receive past the threshold will be put into the Japan economy. I’m not pocketing any of it!  Below is the link to my GoFundMe page. Please share it, I would deeply appreciate it.


Love you all,

From your fellow GO Hub writer Fitz City

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