Pokemon GO Egg Chart (Gen I and II)

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The Pokemon GO Egg Hatching chart shows confirmed Generation I and II Egg hatches, including Shiny hatches. We are updating this table in real time as new info gets submitted by players or as new research material comes out. Egg rarity tiers % chance is specific to each egg group.

(🌟) marks a Pokemon that can be hatched shiny.

2KM Egg Chart

2KM Egg Chart
Abra 2KM Uncommon
  Aipom 2KM Uncommon
Cleffa 2KM Uncommon
Digglet 2KM Uncommon
Exeggcute 2KM Uncommon
Gastly 2KM Uncommon
Geodude 2KM Common
Igglybuff 2KM Uncommon
Krabby 2KM Common
Machop 2KM Uncommon
  Misdreavus 2KM Ultra-rare
Nidoran M 2KM Common
Nidoran F 2KM Common
Oddish 2KM Uncommon
Pichu (🌟) 2KM Uncommon
Slowpoke 2KM Uncommon
Slugma 2KM Uncommon
Spinarak 2KM Common
Togepi 2KM Uncommon
Magikarp (🌟) 2KM Uncommon

5KM Egg Chart

5KM Egg Chart
Chikorita 5KM Uncommon
Cubone 5KM Common
Cyndaquil 5KM Uncommon
Chinchou 5KM Common
Drowzee 5KM Common
Dunsparce 5KM Hyper-rare
Eevee 5KM Common
Elekid 5KM Uncommon
Girafarig 5KM Hyper-rare
Gligar 5KM Uncommon
Grimer 5KM Ultra-rare
Growlithe 5KM Common
Hoppip 5KM Uncommon
Kabuto 5KM Ultra-rare
Koffing 5KM Ultra-rare
Lickitung 5KM Ultra-rare
Magby 5KM Uncommon
Mantine 5KM Uncommon
Marill 5KM Uncommon
Houndour 5KM Uncommon
Natu 5KM Uncommon
Omanyte 5KM Ultra-rare
Onix 5KM Rare
Phanpy 5KM Common
Pineco 5KM Uncommon
Pinsir 5KM Rare
Poliwag 5KM Common
Ponyta 5KM Common
Qwilfish 5KM Ultra-rare
Rhyhorn 5KM Common
Scyther 5KM Common
Seel 5KM Rare
Shellder 5KM Common
Shuckle 5KM Hyper-rare
Smoochum 5KM Uncommon
Sneasel 5KM Ultra-rare
Snubbull 5KM Uncommon
Stantler 5KM Uncommon
Swinub 5KM Uncommon
Tangela 5KM Rare
Teddiursa 5KM Uncommon
Tototdile 5KM Uncommon
Tyrogue 5KM Uncommon
Voltorb 5KM Common
Wobbuffet 5KM Hyper-rare
Wooper 5KM Uncommon

10KM Egg Chart

10KM Egg Chart
Aerodactyl 10KM Ultra-rare
Chansey 10KM Rare
Dratini 10KM Uncommon
Lapras 10KM Ultra-rare
Larvitar 10KM Uncommon
Mareep 10KM Rare
Miltank 10KM Ultra-rare
Porygon 10KM Ultra-rare
Skarmory 10KM Ultra-rare
Snorlax 10KM Ultra-rare
Sudowoodo 10KM Rare

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  1. I dont really think the chart is overall correct, I have hatched a LOT of Skarmory, like 5 or 6 of them while I desperately want a single lovely Chansey… (I missed the Valentine event) Koffing is also quite common

  2. I caught a gligar, this weekend was a perfect time to catch grass pokemon so catch them all, I caught two bulbasaurs, so many exeggcutes, caught two chikoritas, a lot of sunkerns, and a few oddishes. It was a good day to catch some grass pokemon.

  3. how is it that larvitar is uncommon? yet I have never hatched one, or a mreep, and hatched 12 lapras 4 snorlax 3 aerodactyl 5 skarmory 3 chansey 4 miltank?

    • I’ve hatched four larvitar I think, but i never got a lapras, milktank, mareep or aerodactil out of any 10k. I also got 1 snorlax, 2 dratini, 1 mantine, 1 pineco and 1 chansey tho

  4. From gen2, I’ve hatched 1 each of: pineco, mareep, larvitar, quilfish, dunsparce, stantler, misdreavus, slugmar, and 3 tyrogues. This is since I started playing as again, about a month ago

  5. Remoraid as a rare hatch–why? I mean, I guess I’m glad it is because it’s fairly useless but rare status is for valuable Pokemon and that one definitely isn’t that.

    • it could be old egg so didn’t change with it – not true

      i found out that it changed with latest/second latest update chinchou is (also) a 5km egg hatch

    • it could be old egg so didn’t change with it – not true

      i found out that it changed with latest/second latest update chinchou is (also) a 5km egg hatch

  6. Marill in 5 KM eggs… hmmm. When Azurill gets released in Gen 3 it will most likely be moved down to 2 KM…

  7. Porygon ain’t ultra rare. I’ve hatched 3 10k’s ind the past week. 1 mareep and 2 porygons. It should be common or uncommon at least.

  8. skarmory, aerodactyl, and porygon – Ultra Rare??? hmmm. my 6 skarmory, 7 aerodactyl, and 5 porygons beg to differ. those 3 and sudowoodo are all i ever get. all i want is dratini (which do NOT spawn anywhere within 150 miles of me). yet i have not gotten one from an egg in months.

  9. Remoraid doesn’t seem to be on this list. I’m not sure if this is new, but I just hatched one from a 2k egg. I watched it pop out and thought how weird it was that I hadn’t seen one hatch before so I came to see it’s rarity. But it isn’t on the list.

  10. I got a porygon in a 5k egg along with a dratini,snorlax and lapras in 10k eggs found at the same pokestop. Do some stops give out eggs of rare pokemon only?

  11. Sudowoodo is literally everywhere in the wild (Denmark, north of the capital Copenhagen).
    I thought only those that are rare to spawn in the wild was in the eggs… so that you could increase your chances by hatching eggs frequently.

  12. i just think this chart is a bit ridiculous i have hatched every 10k egg pokemon at least once but guess what i’ve hatched no tyrogues, NONE! and apparently it’s uncommon and just to rub salt in the wound i got a porygon out of a 10k egg which i hatched just yesterday and how is larvitar uncommon i’ve hatched only1 and that was a month ago

  13. I’ve been playing Pokemon from the beginning I’ve become very unhappy W/the way things are going.when is Gen3 coming out I hatched 4 eggs this week nothing new I live in Washington DC why can’t the Pokemon be rotated between states and countries.I can’t even get a Snorlax let alone a Chance or a Blissy.I thought when the # 10 eggs came out that would change things forget that u know how many I’ve gotten alot I maybe got something I did have 5 times. I’ve hatched up to 4 eggs in one day.The game needs gen.3 to come out .I would hate to take this off my phone after I’ve caught 224 Pokemon.I caught all the Halloween ones except for the different colored ones .I did that in 2 days plus evolved them.please do something different soon or I’m going to have no choice but to stop playing.I really don’t want to do that. Long time player Cheryl Somers

  14. the list is wrong Ive hatched 5 5ks and gotten 1 lapras 1 snorlax 1 dratini and 2 sudowoodos and apparently larvitar is uncommon I have a friend whos hatched 20 10ks and hasn’t hatched a larvitar

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