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Super Incubator is a new type of Egg Incubator. Super Incubator enables faster (more efficient) egg hatching by applying a 0.667x distance multiplier value, reducing the required amount of distance to hatch an Egg. Super incubators are available in the in-game shop, starting with Equinox Event boxes and they can be used 3 times.

Pokémon GO Super Incubator
Name Super Incubator
Description A more powerful Egg Incubator helps Eggs hatch quickly. Breaks after three uses.
Hatch rate 1.5x
Distance multiplier 0.6666667
Price 200 PokéCoin
Available from Several event boxes, in game shop
Incubator Type Distance based Incubator
Limitations 3x Use
Inventory limit None
Requirement None

Super Incubator Distance Chart

Egg Distance (km) Distance (miles)
2 KM 1.3333 km 0.8285 mi
5 KM 3.3333 km 2.0712 mi
10KM 6.6666 km 4.1424 mi

How does the Super Incubator work?

All in-game Incubators use a “distance multiplier” value which tells the game how to apply the distance requirement to the Egg you just collected. Counter intuitively, the lower the distance multiplier, the faster you hatch eggs. This value is contained inside the Game Master file:

 egg_incubator {
   incubator_type: INCUBATOR_DISTANCE
   distance_multiplier: 0.6666666667

Super Incubator has a lower distance multiplier, resulting in less distance being required to incubate Egg. Essentially, it allows you to hatch eggs faster than before.

Super Incubator FAQ

How much faster does the Super Incubator hatch Eggs?

Lightning speed faster! Wrooom wrooom! Seriously, it hatches 1.5 times quicker, which should result in far more hatches than you usually do.

Can you have multiple Super Incubators?

Yes! The Super Incubator is just another type of incubator, has 1 use and all the rules that apply to store Incubators work for it also.

Is v0.71 required for the Super Incubator release?
It seems like it is. Although the game is certainly capable of displaying a placeholder icon/model in place of the real thing, we believe that 0.71 will be a forced update before SI gets released.

Are there any more Super Incubator pictures/icons in the APK?
Yes there are! We have two icon variants (Empty and Activated) and a texture mesh. These icons were extracted from the 0.71. APK (not that “activated” will probably hold an egg in the middle of the white beam).

Tell me a funny Incubator story!
You just used your Super Incubator to hatch a Mantine.

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  1. “Tell me a funny incubator story.”
    A while ago I decided to hatch all the 10km eggs I had accumulated(4 of them) and used all my extra incubators to do it. All 4 of them were Gligar; so I cried…

  2. “Tell me a funny incubator story”
    Every 5k I have hatched for the last month in my infinite incubator has been a Voltorb…..

  3. “Tell me a funny incubator story”
    First 9x 10km eggs I have done, I got a Larvitar w/ 100% IV, then a few moments later ( back to back ) a Charmander w /100% IV.
    But it’s the 2 only perfect iv’s I have until now. I dont play alot.

  4. I can totally relate to the Mantine story. Using my only incubator to hatch 10km EGGS for a mon I catch regularly. Glad they remove that thing from the 10k egg hatch.

  5. I do not see any use for the super incubator. Walked distance utilization can be achived by the usage of multiple standart incubators, so it sounds like super incubator will be a not neccesary overpriced item only ….

    • Exactly, what’s the point of this item!? I never use 9 incubators simultaneously, so I have no use at all for a faster incubator.

  6. “Tell me a funny incubator story”
    in the Halloween event i got my first 10K egg. I wanted the double candies so i spent the whole last afternoon of the event sprinting 10K to hatch a pinsir

  7. The only benefit to these Super Incubators I see is that you can use them on 10Ks. Nothing really jumps out to me, but they probably won’t be worth the money.

  8. I had 4 10k’s and hatched my first Mareep! And then the Next 3 hatched more Mareep that my Friends were calling me “The Shepherd” after That. I still remember my first 10k that hatched an Eevee, I was so Pissed (Really wanted something Better).

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