Best PvP Pokémon for Lucky Trades

With the introduction of Lucky Friends, you can now know that your next trade with that Trainer will be a Lucky Trade. That is now the easiest way to get a high IV Pokémon as you are guaranteed to get minimum IVs of 12/12/12. Not only that, but you can also power up that Pokémon for 50% less Stardust.

That seems like a perfect opportunity to get high IVs for every Pokémon you ever wanted. But, if you love PvP and you need advice on what Pokémon are the best options to lucky trade for PvP purposes, you came to the right place!

This article will feature different kinds of Pokémon: Pokémon that need to be maxed out for a specific league (e.g. Dialga in Master League, Galarian Stunfisk at L50 in Ultra League) and Pokémon that max out slightly above a certain CP cap (saving you lots of stardust if you lucky trade them while not losing much in terms of performance).

Master League

For Master League, you always want to have the best IVs you can get (15/15/15 – 100%) as there is no CP cap. Everything you use should be maxed out if you want to increase your chances of winning.

Thus, literally any relevant Pokémon in the Master League is a good choice for a lucky trade. Here are some suggestions based off the Master League / Master Premier rankings in PvPoke (full credit to PvPoke, as always).

Master League / Master Premier PvP target Pokémon for lucky trades
Pokémon Legacy? Special trade? Moveset
Fast Move Charge Move 2nd Charge Move
Giratina (Altered) Giratina (Origin) No Yes
  • Shadow Claw or Dragon Breath (Altered)
  • Shadow Claw (Origin)
  • Dragon Claw (Altered)
  • Shadow Ball (Origin)
  • Ancient Power or Shadow Sneak (Altered)
  • Dragon Pulse or Ominous Wind (Origin)
Dialga No Yes Dragon Breath Draco Meteor Iron Head
Garchomp No No Mud Shot Outrage Earthquake or Sand Tomb
Swampert Yes (Hydro Cannon) No Mud Shot Hydro Cannon Earthquake
Groudon No Yes Mud Shot Earthquake Solar Beam or Fire Blast
Melmetal No Yes Thunder Shock Rock Slide Superpower
Ho-Oh Yes (Earthquake) Yes Incinerate Brave Bird Earthquake
Zekrom No Yes Dragon Breath Crunch Wild Charge
Landorus (Incarnate) No Yes Mud Shot Rock Slide Earth Power
Dragonite No No Dragon Breath Dragon Claw Hurricane or Outrage
Togekiss No No Charm Ancient Power Flamethrower or Aerial Ace
Rhyperior Yes (Rock Wrecker) No Mud Slap Rock Wrecker Surf or Superpower
Kyogre No Yes Waterfall Surf Blizzard or Thunder
Metagross Yes (Meteor Mash) No Bullet Punch Meteor Mash Earthquake
Magnezone No No Spark Wild Charge Mirror Shot
Snorlax No No Lick Body Slam Superpower, Outrage or Earthquake
Raikou No Yes Thunder Shock Wild Charge Shadow Ball
Tyranitar Yes (Smack Down) No Smack Down or Bite Stone Edge Crunch
Mewtwo Yes (Psystrike or Shadow Ball) Yes Psycho Cut Psystrike Focus Blast
Lugia Yes (Aeroblast) Yes Dragon Tail Sky Attack Aeroblast
Gyarados Yes (Aqua Tail) No Dragon Breath Crunch Aqua Tail
Heatran No Yes Fire Spin Iron Head Stone Edge or Flamethrower
Mamoswine Yes (Ancient Power) No Powder Snow Avalanche Ancient Power or Bulldoze

Ultra League

With the new level cap, some Pokémon that have been staples in the Great League are now able to max out just below (or just above) the 2500 CP cap.

Pokémon such as Meganium or Steelix that used to be good choices for lucky trades to use in Ultra League will now max out well above the 2.5k CP cap, so if you want to maximize their performance you should be using better PvP IV spreads.

Ultra League / Ultra Premier PvP target Pokémon for lucky trades
Pokémon Legacy? Special Trade? Moveset
Fast Move Charge Move 2nd Charge Move
Umbreon Yes (Last Resort) No Snarl Foul Play Last Resort
Stunfisk (Galarian) No No Mud Shot Rock Slide Earthquake
Skarmory No No Air Slash Brave Bird Sky Attack
Mandibuzz No No Snarl Foul Play Shadow Ball
Altaria No No Dragon Breath Sky Attack Dragon Pulse
Scrafty No No Counter Power-Up Punch Foul Play
Galvantula No No Volt Switch Discharge Lunge

Great League

And the same happens in Great League. Thanks to the new level cap, you can now forget about Sableye, Medicham and Bastiodon (the old lucky trade recommendations for Great League as they maxed out just below 1500 CP), because their optimal PVP IV spreads have changed.

Great League PvP target Pokémon for lucky trades
Pokémon Legacy? Special Trade? Moveset
Fast Move Charge Move 2nd Charge Move
Lickitung Yes (Body Slam) No Lick Body Slam Power Whip
Chansey No No Pound Psychic Hyper Beam
Wobbuffet Purified (Return) No Counter Return Mirror Coat

Good luck getting the best possible IVs from all of your Lucky Trades!

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