When do you think Gen 3 will be released and do you think Gen 2 or Gen 3 will have bigger impact on the game?

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Woah, that’s an interesting question Christian! So, let’s unbundle this a bit…

When is the fabled Gen 3 Release Date?

Although it’s a quite tough date to pinpoint, we’re rather confident that Generation III will release either late in 2017, or early in 2018.

Our experience thus far shows that Niantic is very “holiday centric” in their decisions, with tendency to release events and features on, or around, major calendar dates.

One thing to remember, is that Niantic is quite focused on European and American holidays, so these are important dates to remember.

Do you think Gen 2 or Gen 3 will have bigger impact on the game?

Our initial Generation III exploration shows that Gen III will not impact the meta game a lot. Unfortunately, a number of Gen 3 Pokémon are comparable or weaker than top tier Gen 1 and 2 Pokémon, making it hard to get excited about their current potential.

However, remember that Niantic announced a complete rework of the Gym system coming this year, implying that the meta can change dramatically in the months to come.

Sure, Pokémon like Dragonite and Tyranitar will retain their position in the meta, however, we’re quite worried for Blissey. Moreover, if Niantic decides to introduce passive abilities and status effects, we’ll be facing a completely different meta.

Which generation will have a bigger impact on the meta? Currently, we’d say Gen 3, mostly due to the fact Gen 2 was so lackluster-ish.

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