Weather Pokemon GO
Weather Pokemon GO

Hello Trainers! A bundle of text updates has been pushed to Pokémon GO, including texts for the Rainy Lure, special evolution requirements, an April Fools day event, a new Collection challenge, and more.

Read the Pokéminers post here. All of our usual data mining disclaimers apply: this is not affiliated with Niantic, features change and get scrapped all the time. You’ve been warned!

Rainy Lure

A new Lure Module has been spotted! Rainy Lure Module texts indicates that it attracts Pokémon that love the rain, but also causing some Pokémon to evolve. Sliggoo comes to mind. No icons spotted for time being, but we assume it will look blue.


Data mined texts

RESOURCE ID: item_troy_disk_rainy_name 
TEXT: Rainy Lure Module 

RESOURCE ID: item_troy_disk_rainy_desc 
TEXT: A wet Lure Module that attracts Pokémon for 30 minutes, especially ones that love the rain. It can also cause some Pokémon to evolve.

Evolution Texts

Pokémon GO Weather Rainy DayA handful of new evolution related texts were pushed. This are quality of life updates for current and future evolutions, clarifying how certain Pokémon evolve.

We are especially interested in the special_evo_prompt_rain, which indicates that Pokémon GO will support Pokémon that usually can only evolve if the in-game weather is Rainy.

Pokémon that these new evolution methods could introduce:

  • Sliggoo evolves in the main series games if it’s Rainy weather
  • Tyrunt only evolves during the day
  • Amaura only evolves at night
  • Inkay evolves when your console (in our case phone) is upside down

Data mined texts

RESOURCE ID: special_evo_prompt 
TEXT: Special Evolution 

RESOURCE ID: special_evo_prompt_daytime 
TEXT: {0} can evolve only during the daytime. 

RESOURCE ID: special_evo_prompt_nighttime 
TEXT: {0} can evolve only during the nighttime. 

RESOURCE ID: special_evo_prompt_lure_module 
TEXT: {0} can evolve only if you’re near a {1}. Meet this condition to evolve {0}. 

RESOURCE ID: special_evo_prompt_rain 
TEXT: {0} can evolve only if it’s raining outside or if you’re near a {1}. Meet either of these conditions to evolve {0}. 

RESOURCE ID: special_evo_prompt_upside_down 
TEXT: {0} needs some help evolving! Can you find out how to help {0}?

Event Texts

A couple of events have been spotted in the update as well:

The April Fools day event is completely new, Earth Week was announced but not Earth Day specifically. The rest of them are announced or we’ve been familar with them for a while. Check out our April 2021 Events in Pokémon GO guide.


Data mined texts

RESOURCE ID: aprilfools_event_name 
TEXT: April Fools’ Day 

RESOURCE ID: earthday_event_name 
TEXT: Sustainability Day 

RESOURCE ID: earthweek_event_name 
TEXT: Sustainability Week 

RESOURCE ID: easter_event_name 
TEXT: Eggstravaganza 

RESOURCE ID: event_regional_india_holi 
TEXT: Festival of Colors 

RESOURCE ID: rivals_event_name 
TEXT: Rivals’ Week

Easter Event Collection Challenge

It also looks like the Collection Challenge is making a return for the Easter event.

RESOURCE ID: mini_collection_apr21_egg_event 
TEXT: Spring into Spring 2021 Collection

Snivy Community Day


Almost all of the strings related to the Snivy Community Day event have been pushed.  The ticket is called “Snivy in the Sunshine” and comes with the complimentary 5 Snivy from snapshots.

Snivy in the Sunshine is your typical 4 stages Community Day quest line that will be available for 1$US, or the equivalent in your local currency.

Data mined texts:

RESOURCE ID: community_day_snivy_event_name 
TEXT: Community Day: Snivy 

RESOURCE ID: general1.ticket.2_snivt_description 
TEXT: A ticket to access the Snivy in the Sunshine Special Research on April 11, 2021, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, wherever you are. Details can be found in the in-game News. 

RESOURCE ID: general1.ticket.2_snivt_title 
TEXT: Snivy in the Sunshine Ticket 

RESOURCE ID: spawn_snivy 
TEXT: More Snivy are appearing in the wild

RESOURCE ID: photobomb_five_snivy 
TEXT: 5 surprise encounters with Snivy in GO Snapshot


RESOURCE ID: quest_snivt_catch_b 
TEXT: Catch {0} Snivy 

RESOURCE ID: quest_snivt_evolve_b 
TEXT: Evolve {0} Snivy 

RESOURCE ID: quest_snivt_evolve_s1 
TEXT: Evolve {0} Servine

Speaking of complimentary, catch and evolve Snivy to get more Snivy. The usual Community Day stuff.

Snivy in the Sunshine Special Research

Standard Community Day 4 Step Quest, with a cute storyline and tasks which can be easily completed during the event.

The Special Research – Step 1

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_snivt_0 
TEXT: Snivy in the Sunshine (1/4) 

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_0_0
TEXT: Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%!

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_0_1
TEXT: I just got back from a long walk in the sunshine and I have to say, it felt pretty amazing.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_0_2
TEXT: Did you know even taking a short walk can boost your energy? Say, that reminds me of something interesting I saw while I was out stretching my legs.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_0_3
TEXT: It was particularly sunny this morning which seemed to encourage a group of Snivy to emerge from the foliage to sun themselves.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_0_4
TEXT: Seeing so many of the Grass Snake Pokémon in one area was very unusual, could you assist me in looking further into this situation?

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_0_5
TEXT: As I recall, they are very calm creatures, so you should be able to observe them easily in order to assist with researching this phenomena.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_0_6
TEXT: Best of luck, and remember to enjoy the walk, it’s good for your health!

It’s interesting that the texts for step one mention going for a walk, so we’ll see if there’s actually a walking component to this research or if it’s just Professor Willow talking.

The Special Research – Step 2

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_snivt_1 
TEXT: Snivy in the Sunshine (2/4)

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_1_0
TEXT: Ah, welcome back, Trainer!

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_1_1
TEXT: I see you were successful encountering a sunning Snivy on your walk, great work! Referencing the Pokédex, I remembered why Snivy love the sun so much.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_1_2
TEXT: This Grass-type Pokémon photosynthesize by bathing their tails in sunlight. Much like the sunlight they crave, Snivy are quite bright!

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_1_3
TEXT: Intelligent and calm, they were first enountered in the Unova region.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_1_4
TEXT: While we continue to document this situation, could you evolve your Snivy for me? I’d like to be able to document its next stage of evolution, Servine.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_1_5
TEXT: Once you do, take care - they are quite masterful with whipping techniques.

Evolve Snivy.

The Special Research – Step 3

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_snivt_2 
TEXT: Snivy in the Sunshine (3/4)

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_2_0
TEXT: Wonderful work, %PLAYERNAME%! That is quite the fine looking Servine.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_2_1
TEXT: Also known as the Grass Snake Pokémon, it moves along the ground as if sliding. While quite swift, it will retreat to the shadows of thick foliage to avoid attacks.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_2_2
TEXT: We have collected plenty of research about Snivy and Servine to document this situation, I’d like to make sure we close this out with making sure we cover its next evolution, Serperior.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_2_3
TEXT: Known as the Regal Pokémon. Much like Snivy and Servine, it loves the sunlight. It takes in solar energy and boosts it internally.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_2_4
TEXT: How about you evolve your Servine into Serperior, sounds like you’ll have a powerful Grass-type Pokémon to join your journey with you once you are done!

Evolve Servine

The Special Research – Step 4

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_snivt_3 
TEXT: Snivy in the Sunshine (4/4)

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_3_0
TEXT: Fantastic job, Trainer! Looks like Serperior will be a great asset when it comes to battling other Trainers.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_3_1
TEXT: It can stop its opponents' movements with just a glare. If the glare isn’t successful on its opponent, it will give its all in battle.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_3_2
TEXT: I hope you follow the example of this Grass-type Pokémon, %PLAYERNAME%, and give it your all when it comes to becoming a great Pokémon Trainer!

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_3_3
TEXT: Thank you again for all your help documenting this situation, all this chatter about walks and sunshine has me itching to go back outside for another dose of fresh air.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_snivt_3_4
TEXT: Be safe and happy exploring. Until next time, let’s GO!

Fantastic Job!

Referral Updates

RESOURCE ID: referral_enter_code_fill 

RESOURCE ID: share_my_referral_code_message 
TEXT: If you join or return to Pokémon GO using my referral code {0}, you’ll instantly get 100 Poké Balls, be able to earn special bonus items, and more. {1} 

RESOURCE ID: input_referral_code_time_remaining_plural 
Removed TEXT: {0} hours remain to enter a referral code 
Added TEXT: You have {0} hours left to enter a referral code. Your own referral code will become available here after you enter another Trainer’s referral code or after {0} hours have elapsed. 

RESOURCE ID: input_referral_code_time_remaining_singular 
Removed TEXT: {0} hour remains to enter a referral code 
Added TEXT: You have {0} hour left to enter a referral code. Your own referral code will become available here after you enter another Trainer’s referral code or after {0} hour has elapsed.

Some updates to the referral texts, mostly clarifying how the timing works.

Elesa Pose

RESOURCE ID: m_avatar_poses_bundle_pose_28 
TEXT: Elesa Pose

The Elesa pose now has texts.

New Clothes

RESOURCE ID: f_shirt_holifestival2021black_00_bundle_icon 
TEXT: Festival of Colors T-Shirt 

RESOURCE ID: f_shirt_holifestival2021white_00_bundle_icon 
TEXT: Festival of Colors T-Shirt

RESOURCE ID: m_shirt_holifestival2021black_00_bundle_icon 
TEXT: Festival of Colors T-Shirt 

RESOURCE ID: m_shirt_holifestival2021white_00_bundle_icon 
TEXT: Festival of Colors T-Shirt

The text’s for the Festival of Colors clothes