Eggstravaganza 2019 Announcement and Guide!

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Eggstravaganza is back! This special themed event focused on egg-hatching will run from April 16th, 2019 at 1 PM PDT through April 23rd, 2019 at 1 PM PDT (GMT -7).

During the event, baby Pokémon such as Pichu, Smoochum, and Magby will be in 2km eggs, and you may find different Pokémon hatching from Eggs than before. Bonuses will include, 2x Candy from hatches, 2x Incubator effectiveness, and Lucky Eggs will last for 60 minutes. Also, if you’re lucky, you may encounter Shiny Buneary!

Eggstravaganza 2019 Event Guide
Eggstravaganza 2019 Event Details
Buneary Family
Increased Spawns
Egg Pool Shakeup
Egg Hatch Distance
Field Research Tasks
Box Sale
Helpful Event Infographics

Event Details

Event Eggstravaganza 2019
Date + Time April 16th, 2019, at 1:00 PM PDT through April 23rd, 2019, at 1:00 PM PDT (GMT −7)
  • Pokémon such as Pichu, Smoochum, and Magby will be in 2km eggs.
  • If you’re lucky, you may encounter Shiny Buneary!
  • You may find different Pokémon hatching from eggs than before.
  • 2x Hatch Candy
  • 2x Incubator effectiveness
  • Lucky Eggs will last twice as long (60 minutes!)
Field Research
  • Limited-time Egg-focused Field Research will be available during this event.

Buneary Family

Here’s an overview of the Buneary family in their shiny and normal form.

Normal version Shiny version

Increased Spawns

Mareep Flaaffy Ampharos
Exeggcute Exeggutor Exeggutor (Alola)
Marill Azumarill Chansey
Blissey Buneary Lopunny

Egg Pool Shakeup

Eggstravaganza 2km Egg Pool

Egg Hatch Distance

Egg Type Incubator Distance Super Incubator Distance
2 km 1 km (.62 mi) .67 km (.41 mi)
5 km 2.5 km (1.55 mi) 1.67 km (1.04 mi)
7 km 3.5 km (2.17 mi) 2.33 km (1.45 mi)
10 km 5 km (3.11mi) 3.33 km (2.07 mi)

Eggstravaganza Field Research

Keep checking back with us, as we will update as soon as reports of the Limited-time Egg-focused Field Research tasks are verified.

Research Task Research Reward
Hatch an Egg Buneary
Hatch 3 Eggs Azumarill
Hatch 5 Eggs Chansey

Box Sale

Items Special Great Ultra
Raid Passes 2 15
Egg Incubators 3
Super Incubators 1 4 7
Star Pieces 4
Lure Modules
Lucky Eggs 1 5 4
Ultra Balls
Total Price 480 780 1480
Analysis Special Great Ultra
Total Worth 713 1315 3352
Coins Saved Per Box 233 535 1872
Coins Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes 170 220 1420
% Saved 32.68% 40.68% 55.85%
% Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes 26.15% 22% 48.97%

In Conclusion

Hatch! Hatch! And then Hatch some more! If you are like me, you probably still need at least a few of those shiny Baby Pokémon, and this event, with its 2x Incubator effectiveness, will give you an increased amount of chances to obtain them. Also, hatching eggs (even without a Stardust bonus) is by far the most efficient way to gain Stardust in Pokémon GO. Should you have the extra Lucky Eggs, running them when you are about to hatch a round of Eggs will give you a nice chunk of XP as well.

Helpful Event Infographics

Eggstravanganza 2019


1/2 Distance Hatch Distance Chart

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