Pokémon Sleep: Contents Update Version 1.1.0

Pokémon Sleep researchers! Version 1.1.0 is here, and brings with it a selection of updates, bug fixes and more.

Balance Adjustments Update general icon

  • Decreasing the Energy recovery ▼▼ effect of Pokémon Natures: Adjusted to ×0.88 (was ×0.8).
  • Increasing the effect of Pokémon sub skill Energy Recovery Bonus: Adjusted to ×1.14 (was ×1.12).

New Features general icon

  • Preparation for holding the Lapis Lakeside Opening event
  • A function that allows the whole team to eat cooked dishes together. When Snorlax eats dishes, helper Pokémon on your team will join and eat dishes together. Helper Pokémon on your team will recover a small bit of Energy after eating. The less Energy your Pokémon have, the more Energy they will recover.
  • Adding a new area, Lapis Lakeside. Beginning at 3:00 p.m. on January 24, 2024, Lapis Lakeside will be unlocked if you complete the Dex goal of registering 240 sleep styles. At Lapis Lakeside, you can meet nine more species of Pokémon: Dratini family, Stufful family, and Ralts family.
  • Adding two new Sleep Style Dex goals. Note: The new goals will be added at 3:00 p.m. on January 24, 2024.
  • Adding a new ingredient, Greengrass Corn.
  • Adding seven new recipes.
  • Adding a new Relaxing Sound, Poké Flute

Game Contents general icon

  • Changes to allow helper Pokémon on your team to pick up ingredients on the home screen even when your bag’s ingredients pocket is full.
  • Changes to save the display order (sort) setting, such as Strength, on the cooking screen.
  • Changes to show a notification mark on the pot by the tent on the home screen as well as by the Max button in the upper right on the cooking screen when you complete a Sleep Style Dex goal and expansion of your pot becomes available.

Bug Fixes general icon

  • Fixes to a bug that caused helper Pokémon not to use Energy during sleep tracking
    Up until now, due to a calculation bug related to Energy consumption, helper Pokémon were not using Energy for Sneaky Snacking and help that occurred during sleep tracking. In the future, helper Pokémon will use Energy for help and Sneaky Snacking during sleep tracking, so your Snorlax may gain less Strength from Sneaky Snacking during sleep tracking than it did before. This issue has been recognized as a bug for some time now, but because it did not cause any disadvantages for players, we prioritized other bug fixes and new feature development. However, based on the following reasons, it has become more vital that we fix this bug, and so we are taking this opportunity to fix it: Some players being able to accelerate progress through the game considerably faster than intended by the developer (for example by performing certain actions during sleep tracking, they have been able to get help for a whole day without their helper Pokémon using up any Energy).
  • Snorlax gaining more Strength on days when the player tracked sleep twice than on days when the player tracked sleep only once. Energy will still be restored as usual when sleep tracking finishes, so helper Pokémon should generally not have less Energy when you wake up in the morning than they did before you started sleep tracking.
  • Fixes to a bug that gave one extra helping’s worth of Berries during Sneaky Snacking
  • Fixes to a bug that allowed for cooking four or more times a day when certain actions were performed
  • Fixes to a bug that made it easier for main skills to be triggered when certain actions were performed
  • Fixes to a bug that caused sleep tracking that was “reviewed later” not to be reflected in the weekly summary
  • Fixes to a bug that caused the Energy restored by Energy Pillows to cap at 100% in some cases
  • Fixes to a bug that caused the notification mark (a red circle) to continue displaying on the Shops icon on the home screen during the weekly turnover even after obtaining the Daily Gift
  • Fixes to a bug that caused the Shiny appearance of Pokémon that had been evolved twice not to appear in the Sleep Style Dex in some cases
  • Fixes to a bug that caused the “Choose Next Research Site” button on the home screen during the weekly rollover not to work when the device’s language was set to Turkish

Other News general icon

About the Helper Whistle Effects:

For purposes of the Helper Whistle, each Pokémon’s helping frequency is currently based on the value found here: Pokémon Box > Pokémon details screen > Frequency. It is calculated based on the Pokémon’s status at max Energy.

Because of this, when a Helper Whistle is used now:

  • The effects of sub skill Helping Bonus are not reflected.
  • The effects of a Good Camp Ticket are not applied.

The following changes are planned for an update around the end of February:

  • A display will be implemented on the Edit Teams screen to show the helping frequency with the effects of Helping Bonus reflected, and when a Helper Whistle is used, this value will be used.
  • The description text for the Helper Whistle will be adjusted to give more detail.

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