Pokémon Sleep: Maintenance and Update Version 1.1.0

Pokémon Sleep researchers, a new update is coming Version 1.1.0, along with a maintenance feature that requires some downtime in order to implement. Here’s what is coming!

Downtime general icon

In order to update the app version, maintenance will be conducted in the following time frame:

  • Starts:
  • Ends:

New Features general icon

  • Preparation for Lapis Lakeside Appearance Event
  • A feature that allows everyone on the team to eat food together: When Snorlax eats food, the helping Pokémon in the team will also eat the food together. After cooking, the health of the Helpful Pokémon in your team will be slightly restored . The amount of energy recovered increases as the Pokémon’s energy decreases.
  • Addition of new research area Lapis Lakeside
  • Lapis Lakeside will be unlocked by achieving 240 types of Sleep Styles in your Sleep Dex after 15:00 on January 24, 2024
  • At Lake Lakeside, you can meet nine new Pokémon – Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Gallade, Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite, Stufful and Bewear
  • Addition of new Sleep Style goals (2 types):New goals will be added on 24th January, 2024, 15:00 UTC
  • Addition of new ingredient ‘Wakaxa corn’: This is a rough translation from the Japanese news article, we will update with the English name when we have it
  • Added 7 new dishes
  • Addition of new sleep-inducing sound ‘Pokémon Flee’

Game Contents general icon

  • On the home screen, even if the food bag is full, the help Pokémon in your group will now pick up food.
  • Changed so that display order (sort) settings such as ‘Energy’ are saved on the cooking screen.
  • Changed so that a notification mark will appear on the pan next to the tent on the home screen and on the ‘Capacity’ button at the top right of the cooking screen when the Sleep Style Dex is achieved and the pan becomes expandable.

Bug Fixes general icon

  • An issue where the energy of the Pokémon you are helping will not be consumed when you are using help during sleep measurement. Until now, when you are using help during sleep measurement or when training, you will not be able to receive help due to a bug in the calculation of energy consumption. Pokémon’s energy was not being consumed. From now on, the energy of the Pokémon you are helping will be consumed when you help the Pokémon while it is measuring its sleep or training it, and the energy that you can get from training it while it is measuring its sleep may decrease. Pokémon Sleep have been aware of this issue for some time, but since it did not cause any disadvantage to researchers, so they prioritized fixing other issues and developing features. However, due to the following reasons, the need to make corrections has increased, and they have decided to make the corrections at this time: 1. Plays that significantly speed up the progress of the game, which was not originally intended by the management, are being performed (e.g., if you perform a specific operation in sleep measurement, you can help the player all day without decreasing your energy level). 2. If you measure your sleep twice a day, the amount of energy you gain per day will increase compared to days when you measure your sleep once a day. 3. Furthermore, at the end of the sleep measurement, the energy will be restored as usual, so when you wake up in the morning, the energy of the Pokémon you are helping will not be lower than the energy before the sleep measurement.
  • An issue where the number of mushrooms obtained during cultivation increases by one time.
  • An issue where you can cook more than 4 times a day if you perform certain operations.
  • An issue where the main skill is more likely to occur when performing certain operations.
  • An issue where sleep data that was ‘reported later’ may not be reflected in the weekly summary.
  • After using ‘Energy Pillow’, in some cases, your energy may not exceed 100%.
  • An issue where a notification mark (red circle mark) continues to be displayed on the shop icon on the home screen during weekly changes even after obtaining a daily gift.
  • In some cases, different colors of Pokémon that have been evolved twice are not registered in the Sleeping Encyclopedia.
  • On the home screen during the weekly change, if the language of the device itself is “Turkish”, the “Move research field” button may not work.

Other Announcements general icon

  • About the specifications of the Helping Whistle: When using the Helping Whistle, the caring time for each Pokémon is calculated based on the value in “Pokémon Box > Pokémon Details Screen > Helping Time” and assuming the maximum health state. Therefore, when using the current Help Whistle, the effect of the sub-skill “Help Bonus” will not be applied, and the effect of the Good Camp Ticket will not be applied.

Please note that the following will be addressed in an update scheduled for around the end of February:

  • On the team formation screen, a display has been implemented that allows you to check the helping time with the effect of the helping bonus reflected, and when using the helping whistle, this value will be used.
  • The text explaining the helping whistle has been updated.
  • More detailed improvements.


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