Pokémon Sleep: Mr. Mime & Mime Jr. Debut!

For the first time since Pokémon Sleep was released, new Pokémon have been added to the game!

It seems that Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime have been spotted near Cyan Beach—maybe this is thanks to the sleep research you’ve all been conducting! Soon, it may be possible to encounter them during sleep research.

Cyan Beach is the second Island you can travel to, once you have unlocked 20 Sleep Styles. It is described as ‘This shore of fine white sand stretches to the horizon, kissed by a gentle sea breeze. Many Water type Pokémon live here.’

With new Ghost type Pokémon also teased for an upcoming Halloween event, it looks like Pokémon Sleep is really growing and developing their in game events!


  • Event icon Begins 12th September at 7:00. Unfortunately we cannot confirm which timezone this is, or if it is local time.
  • Pokemon Encounter icon You'll now be able to encounter Mime Jr, and Mr. Mime.
  • General icon Mr. Mime and Mime Jr. will appear at Cyan Beach.
  • General icon Mime Jr. will appear with the Slumbering Sleep Type.
  • General icon Mr. Mime will appear with the Snoozing Sleep Type.

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