Community Day: How to Predict Exclusive Moves

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Since the beginning of the monthly Community Day events, trainers worldwide have speculated and wondered what the exclusive move for Community Day Pokémon would be, and until now, many trainers have found there to be no real rhyme or reason as to the moves Niantic selects for that Community Day Pokémon.

Here we will take a look at the previous Community Day events, their Pokémon, and their exclusive moves, and we will see if we can find an answer as to how we can figure out future Community Day Pokémon Exclusive Moves.

In order to figure this out, we will have to take a look at the Pokémon main series game universe and see the comparisons between moves and how they pass over onto Pokémon GO.

Different Types of Pokémon Moves

Up until now, the formula for guessing Community Day Exclusive Moves (CDEM) hasn’t been the easiest. However, when taking a look at the Pokémon Universe, we come to realize how these Exclusive Moves are selected, and until now they appear to come from three different sources:

Signature Moves

In the Pokemon main series games, Signature Moves are moves that can only be learned by a single Pokémon or the Pokémon’s evolutionary line, this can be seen in Pokémon GO with Bulbasaur’s Community Day using Frenzy Plant. Although many could speculate that CDEM will take priority when it comes to Signature moves, this isn’t the case.

If we take a look at Pikachu’s Community Day using Surf Water, we see that Pikachu is not using its Signature Move which would be Volt Tackle Electric, but is instead using a “Special Move“; Surf Water, which can be considered an iconic move for Pikachu.

Special (Gift) Moves

Pokémon GO Community Day
Pikachu Community Day

In the Pokemon main series games, Special Moves (or Gift Moves) are moves that are distributed as a gift for certain Pokémon, we can see this occur with Pikachu, as it  provides evidence that Special Moves will take priority when it comes to CDEM selections. However, the same cannot be said about all Pokémon. We must take into account that the majority of Pokémon do not have Special moves so there has to be another option for their CDEM.

By following the literal definition of a Special (Gift) Move, it is no wonder why Pikachu’s Community Day used Special move, Surf Water.

Tutor Moves

In the Pokémon main series games, Tutor Moves are exclusive moves which can only be learned by certain Pokémon with the assistance of a Tutor, which essentially can be considered to be a living Technical Machine (TM). We can see two instances of Tutor Moves being used for Community Days both with Dratini’s Community Day using Draco Meteor Dragon and for Bulbasaur’s Community Day using Frenzy Plant Grass.

Based on these past Community Day events, it appears that Tutor Moves could be of the lowest priority when it comes to selection of CDEM.

Prioritizing Community Day Exclusive Moves

As we can see, there appears to be three different methods to how CDEM are chosen, however, in the rare cases that a Pokémon has a Signature Move, a Special Move, and Tutor Moves, how can we possibly figure out which one would be used for Community Day? We believe to have found the answer.

Special (Gift) Moves

If we pay attention to Pikachu’s Community Day, we see that Special Moves take priority over Signature Moves, in Pikachu’s instance using Special Move Surf Water instead of Signature Move Volt Tackle Electric, showing a clear first priority to Special Moves.

Signature and Tutor Moves

Dratini Community Day
Dratini Community Day

If we pit Signature Moves against Tutor Moves, we cannot really give either one a second or third priority, we are aware that Special Moves have a priority above Signature and Tutor Moves, but not in comparison to each other. The reason for this is that for Dratini’s Community Day, the exclusive move was Draco Meteor Dragon. However, if we take a look at Dragonite, we will see it has no Signature Move, only Draco Meteor Dragon as a Tutor Move, so we cannot compare priorities.

Similarly, we can also say the same for Bulbasaur and its Community Day in which its Signature Move Frenzy Plant Grass is also one of its Tutor Moves, making it impossible to compare the priorities between these two types of moves.

If we compare the two types of moves in relation to importance, most trainers would agree that Signature Moves are above Tutor Moves considering how exclusive they are to certain Pokémon, making them more unique and interesting not only as Legacy moves, but for use in the Meta as well.

Exclusive Move Criteria

Bulbasaur community day
Bulbasaur Community day

Up until now, the criteria in of itself is difficult to speculate, but using a combination of interpretation, experience, and overall estimation, we believe that there is a somewhat loose Criteria for CDEM. This includes what can become a CDEM and what cannot.

What can become a Community Day Exclusive Move? (As of Community Day #3)

  • Signature, Special (Gift), and Tutor Moves
  • Moves from the main series games that turn into Charge Moves in Pokémon GO
  • Moves that belong to the Pokémon in the main series games

What cannot become a Community Day Exclusive Move? (As of Community Day #3)

  • Moves that are obtained by TMs/Hms in the main series games
  • Moves that are learned by Leveling up in the main series games
  • Moves from the main series games that turn into Fast Moves in Pokémon GO
  • Moves that do not belong to the Pokémon in any of its available movesets

Final Notes

Although we can speculate as much as we would like, it is probably safe for Trainers to assume that CDEM will not always follow the same rhythm, and even though we will attempt to speculate on future Community Day Pokémon and their Exclusive Moves, everything will continue to be subjective and can be changed later on.

  • CDEM will most likely be either a Special (Gift), Signature, or Tutor Move
  • CDEM tend to be announced around the 16th of each month
  • It is unown (pun intended) what moves from the main series games will become Charged moves or Fast moves in Pokémon GO

What Community Day Pokémon and Exclusive Moves would you like to see? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.


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