Beldum Community Day

Trainers, we’re getting loads and loads of questions about Beldum’s allegedly leaked Community Day. In order to answer all of these in one swift swoop, we decided to create a post that lists everything we know and everything that coincides with it in one place.

Let’s begin.

Confirmed facts


Beldum Community Day

Contextual evidence

  • Niantic follows a pattern where Pokemon available from 10 KM eggs are featured on Community Day events, and Beldum is available as a 10 KM egg hatch
  • Usually, one underwhelming CD is followed by an amazing event. Hi Chikorita!
  • The Orionid meteor shower is set to peak the night of Oct. 21-22. Meteor shower, Meteor Mash, we get the pun.
  • Shiny Beldum, Metang and Metagross icons are already in the network traffic:

shiny Beldum

shiny Metang

shiny Metagross

Pure speculation

Metagross has such a terrible move pool that it is almost guaranteed that it will receive the Community Day treatment eventually. We are not sure if the new move will be on par with Frenzy Plant / Blast Burn additions, however, it’s hard to image it could be worse than the moves Metagross already holds. Metagross is not part of any current meta and it needs a slight buff to become relevant, despite Steel Attackers still being meh.