Pokémon GO teases Halloween, Psychic Spectacular and more!


The official Pokémon GO twitter account has shared a new promo video for the Adventures Abound season, which seems to hint at future events, featured Pokémon and more. Let’s take a look, and wildly speculate!

Just a note, this is pure speculation, so these events and releases may or may not happen, but it is fun to guess based on teasers!




First up, Grubbin! Now the appearance of Grubbin alone might not seem too much of a hint, but as it was also shown to feature as the Showcase Pokémon on September 23rd which we know is Community Day… it looks highly likely we are going to see Grubbin as our next Community Day Pokémon! 

September 23
2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. local time

The Grubbin family have really fantastic shinies, and with Charjabug already being useful in PvP, it’ll be interesting to see what move it could potentially be given, and if it amps up Vikavolt too.

Shiny Grubbin Shiny Charjabug Shiny Vikavolt




Next up we see a Solosis floating along with a trainer, followed by a Duosion. With the Psychic Spectacular announced for September, could Solosis be highlighted, and potentially have the shiny released? Now sadly, the Solosis shiny family aren’t the most inspired, in fact, you will definitely need to keep your eyes peeled if it does get a release, because it is hard to spot. It has a slightly bluer tone, with pink accents. It would fit the theme for a Psychic event well, and has been available in game for a while now without a shiny release.

Shiny Solosis Shiny Duosion Shiny Reuniclus


Paldean Pokémon


The next Pokémon show in the adorable Pawmi, the Pikachu clone of the Paldea region. We know they are being released with the Ultra Unlock, so it isn’t too much of a surprise to see them featured. If you are new to Paldea, Pawmi is one of the early route Pokémon you encounter, and has become a real fan favourite.

Pawmi is shown walking along a route with a trainer, a hint at their evolution requires, which is exploring 25km with Pawmo as your Buddy.

Pawmi Pawmo Pawmot


Next up we see each of the final evolutions of the Paldean first partner Pokémon (the ‘official’ name for starters). Quaquaval is the Water type, Meowscarada the Grass, and Skeledirge the Fire. How they translate in GO isn’t yet known without movesets available, but fingers crossed they can make an impact in both PvE and PvP!

Quaquaval Meowscarada Skeledirge




Next up is Pumpkaboo! Rarely seen outside of Halloween, it is mentioned alongside XXS and XXL Pokémon, so it is fair to say it’ll be back this Halloween as expected.

As the trailer ends, the theme turns from 80’s high school TV show, to spooky, and more Halloween teasers appear. Gengar, Phantump, Litwick, Poochyena, and a Shadow Raid on a gym come in and out of focus.

At the very end, a Pokémon cry. Online speculation seems to be that the cry belongs to Lugia, who we have previously seen as a Shadow Pokémon, but not for a long time.

Lugia (Shadow)

Could we see the return of Apex Shadow Lugia? We all dream of the true Shadow Lugia, the Gale of Darkness Shadow Lugia, do we dare to dream?

As Phantump was the only Halloween Pokémon featured without a shiny release, could we see their shiny this year for Spooky Season?

Shiny Phantump Shiny Trevenant

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