World of Wonders: New Season Announcement & Speculation

Just a day after the conclusion of the Sinnoh Tour, Niantic has teased the next season for Pokémon GO which will begin on March 1st and run to May 31st. A World of Wonders is being teased through a short promotional video, detailing very little about what we can expect. But it’s always fun to speculate!

Teaser Trailer for World of Wonders

Let’s first take a look at what the trailer actually shows us. A lone Nidoran ♂ is seen walking through grassland past a Pokéstop. We cut to an overhead view of a forest where a couple of gyms can be seen while Pidgeotto, Pidgeot, Butterfree and Dragonite are flying through the skies. Cutting back to our buddy Nidoran ♂, he’s now joined by a trainer in hiking gear while playing Pokémon GO. Suddenly, an Ultra Wormhole appears in the sky with purple light from it radiating over Nidoran ♂. The camera then zooms into the wormhole and we’re presented with the floral design for the season’s title, World of Wonders.

Ultra Beast debut?

You can’t show an Ultra Wormhole in a teaser trailer without this season featuring Ultra Beasts in some way. The most likely scenario would be the debut of at least some of the remaining Ultra Beasts into Pokémon GO. 

Stakataka Blacephalon
RockSteel FireGhost

Both of these Ultra Beasts were version exclusives and additions to the overall Pokémon roster for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, neither of which have appeared in Pokémon GO at this time. They’re bound to end up in 5* raids for their debut, but hopefully not as regional exclusives.


This might be a lot of assumption making, but Nidoran ♂ featuring so heavily in the teaser seems odd from where I’m sitting. It’s a Pokémon family that has never received any new forms or evolutions since it’s debut, so why put it front and centre for a new season? Well it’s a horned, purple poison type, shown to a be a trainers partner, and seems to be being exposed/drawn into the Ultra Wormhole. What if this is a tease for the Ultra Beast Poipole, a horned, purple poison first partner Ultra Beast from Ultra Megaopolis? If Poipole is introduced to Pokemon GO this season, I would expect it will be similar to Cosmog’s debut through a season long Special Research, culminating with trainers evolving Poipole into the incredible Naganadel.



Return to Kanto?

There have already been a few vocal moans about the idea of having a Kanto focused season, with the only Pokémon actually shown in the teaser being all from that region. While long term players have probably had their fill of the first generation of Pokémon, newer players will struggle to finish their Kanto dex, which is a requirement to finish the Mew Masterwork Research which made available for a short period last year. 

If we do get another focus on the Kanto region, this should hopefully provide players another chance to get the regionals for this generation.

Aside from that, the only noticeable trait of the Pokémon featured in the teaser (besides Nidoran ♂) is that they are all flying types. If there was anything to make players excited in terms of Kanto flying types, it would be the shiny release of the Galarian versions of the Legendary birds!


Anything else?

The logo from World of Wonders has a lovely floral theme to it, but as the Northern Hemisphere is about to enter Spring, this could just be to highlight the return of annual events such as Sustainability Week, Spring into Spring and Festival of Colors. With nothing else to go on right now, the global Pokemon GO community will have to wait and see what the next 3 months will bring us.

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