Zygarde Cells and Cores Locations in Pokémon Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon Zygarde Core and Cell Locations
Sun and Moon Zygarde Core and Cell Locations

Zygarde Cells and Cores Location in Pokémon Sun and Moon

A full guide on how to find Zygarde cells and cores in Pokémon Sun and Moon. We have exact locations for all of them, courtesy of Serebii. Let us know if there are any mistakes.

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A visual map of all Zygarde cells is available on imgur, full credits go to L100_magikarp. Here you go! Large image warning.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Zygarde Cells Location

You have to find 95 Cells in order to create more Zygarde and achieve different forms. Do note that some cells are only obtainable in Day or Night time.

Location Notes
Melemele Island – Total: 14
Route 1
Route 1 Day
Route 1 – Outskirts
Route 1 – Trainer School Night
Route 2
Route 3 Day
Route 3
Hau’oli Cemetery
Hau’oli City – Shopping District Night
Hau’oli City – Shopping District
Iki Town Night
Kala’e Bay
Ruins of Conflict – Outside
Verdant Cave – Trial Site
Akala Island – Total: 18 
Route 4
Route 5
Route 7
Route 8
Route 8 Day
Akala Outskirts
Diglett’s Tunnel
Hano Beach Day
Hano Beach
Heahea City Night
Heahea City
Konikoni City Night
Lush Jungle – Cave
Paniola Ranch
Paniola Ranch Night
Royal Avenue Night
Royal Avenue Day
Wela Volcano Park – Top
Ula’ula Island – Total: 30
Route 10 Day
Route 11 Night
Route 12 Day
Route 12
Route 13
Route 13 Night
Route 14
Route 14 Night
Route 15
Route 16 Day
Route 17
Route 17
Aether House Day
Blush Mountain
Haina Desert
Hokulani Observatory Night
Malie City – Outer Cape Day
Malie City Day
Malie City Night
Malie Garden
Mount Lanakila – High Mountainside
Mount Lanakila – Mountainside
Po Town Day
Po Town Night
Ruins of Abundance – Outside
Secluded Shore Day
Secluded Shore Night
Tapu Village
Ula’ula Meadow
Ula’ula Meadow
Poni Island – Total: 28
Ancient Poni Path Day
Ancient Poni Path Day
Ancient Poni Path Night
Poni Breaker Coast Day
Poni Breaker Coast Night
Poni Coast
Poni Coast Night
Poni Gauntlet
Poni Gauntlet
Poni Grove
Poni Grove
Poni Meadow
Poni Plains Day
Poni Plains
Poni Plains Night
Poni Wilds
Poni Wilds Day
Poni Wilds Night
Resolution Cave – 1F Day
Resolution Cave – B1F
Resolution Cave – B1F Night
Ruins of Hope
Seafolk Village
Seafolk Village
Vast Poni Canyon – 2F
Vast Poni Canyon – 3F
Vast Poni Canyon – Inside
Vast Poni Canyon – Top
Aether Foundation – Total: 5 
Aether Paradise – Hallway
Aether Paradise – Outside
Aether Paradise – Outside Day
Aether Paradise – Main Building
Aether Paradise – Entrance Night

Sun & Moon Zygarde Core Locations

You need to collect Zygarde Cores to teach Zygarde special new moves. There are 5 Cores in total in Alola.

Time Island Exact Location
Any Melemele Island Your room
Any Melemele Island Iki Town, Hala’s house
Any Akala Island Konikoni City, Olivia’s room
Any Ula’Ula Island Route 17
Any Poni Island Ancient Poni Path