Pokemon GO Generation IV Legendary
Pokemon GO Generation IV Legendary

USER GUIDE | Submitted by marcosm8After the release of Legendary Pokémon has been officially confirmed, we can begin to speculate about what that means. There are a lot of questions about what the release of the Legendary Pokemon means, so I’m providing answer to some of these questions below.

Please be aware that these answers are my own opinions, they do not reflect official GO Hub or Pokémon GO stance on these questions. This is a user submitted article after all, so take my answers with a grain of salt!

Which legendary will be released first?


The options here are:

Personally I think the most likely options are: Legendary Birds release first, due to Pokémon GO teams being based on them. The Mew family releases after, as the first game trailer was heavily based around them.

Finally, Ho-Oh releases last, as it appeared in the first episode of the main series. As for the Legendary Beasts, Lugia and Celebi – no ideas here!

Will the legendaries be released worldwide?
The answer here should be, and probably is, yes! Honestly, the only way to prevent spoofers harassing Legendaries, is if the legendaries are released worldwide.

Not to mention the public outcry that would happen if one region gets a specific legendary and other regions don’t. Additionally, if Legendary Pokémon would only appear in one place this would heavily encourage people to use fake gps apps and ruin the experience for everyone!

Will the legendary birds will be limited by team?

This is a difficult question to answer, as all answers have some merit to them. On one hand, catching all of the three birds allows players to complete the Pokédex and grants that awesome feeling of satisfaction.

On the other hand, what is the point of belonging to a team and fighting for months if you can catch any team’s bird? If you take this approach, being able to catch only the bird of your team helps to reaffirm the sense of belonging to this team.

Will the legendaries be individual?

Hopefully they will be! Personally, I think the best option here is that they should be individual (like shiny Magikarp), again the main reason here is that it prevents spoofers from getting a lot of them.

Will there be an increase of Unown spawns before Legendary events?

As we remember from this article, an increase of Unown spawns would be very exciting and a cool mechanism to indicate an upcoming Legendary raid. Not to mention it would make catching Unowns easier!

It would be good to see what the community thinks about these questions — share your predictions and answers on Twitter or in the comments below.